What Is CryptoCribs?

A lot of traditional business models have been disrupted as of late. Cash money is slowly being replaced by payment cards, mobile payments, and cryptocurrency. Booking a hotel? Services like Airbnb make it easy. CryptoCribs is a platform combining the concept of Airbnb with cryptocurrency. Although the site may not look as professional as the real deal, the potential is certainly visible to everyone.

CryptoCribs is a Unique Platform

Spending cryptocurrency is slowly becoming a lot easier, even though there is still plenty of work to be done in this regard. Especially when it comes to allowing people to spend cryptocurrency on goods and services they need on a regular basis, there is plenty of room for improvement. CryptoCribs shows how some of the more innovative concepts can easily come together in a platform that offers the best of both worlds.

More specifically, this platform combines elements of Airbnb with the use of multiple cryptocurrencies. Right now, CryptoCribs supports both Bitcoin and Ether payments, although Monero may be added in the next few weeks as well. The latter point has not been officially confirmed, mind you, but the developer of this platform is actively considering it. CryptoCribs is a great outlet for all of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies; that much is certain.

As is always the case with new platforms, users need to be cautious first and foremost. This is not a professional team on the same level as Airbnb, mind you. It seems to be a one-man project right now, although things will continue to evolve as the platform grows more popular and the service is used more often. The potential for growth is certainly there for CryptoCribs, although most people will look at it as a niche market first and foremost.

As the name of the platform somewhat suggests, CryptoCribs is all about finding places to stay in different countries and spending cryptocurrency in order to do so. The platform offers a few different locations right now, and there is a review system in place as well. It has all the traits of an Airbnb for cryptocurrency, albeit on a much smaller scale for the time being. According to the site, this platform was mainly designed to enable peer-to-peer travel, which is an interesting concept.

Moreover, anyone in the world can become a host on CryptoCribs, which is a nice touch. The specific requirements remain hidden behind the signup process, but it will be similar to other platforms focusing on rental services. It is good to see this platform embrace cryptocurrencies, as it makes the spending of Bitcoin and Ethereum a lot more convenient for different purposes. Being able to spend such currencies on travel destinations that aren’t hotels is pretty interesting.

In the long run, the future looks rather bright for CryptoCribs. If the site gets a more professional design and some more hosts, there is no reason to think things will not take off. Though there is still a fair amount of work to be done before this platform will even be remotely appealing to mainstream users, the foundation has been laid for sure. It’s an interesting site to keep an eye on, as we need more initiatives like this one to make cryptocurrency succeed.