What Is ConnectJob Cryptocurrency?

The classical economic model that has been prevalent around the world for more than half a century is slowly shifting towards an uber-economy of sorts. This trend is enhanced and magnified by the fact that blue chip companies have also started to see the futility of their existing economic structures and are now adopting new habits in order to survive in today’s cut-throat market.

ConnectJob is a universal platform that connects service providers (i.e., job providers) with new clients in a safe and streamlined manner. The platform also delivers an all-in-one application containing a plethora of financial services to suit different customer needs.

Keeping in line with the growing freelance gig economy, ConnectJob allows customers to avail themselves of a plethora of niche market opportunities including:

  • Coaching
  • Gardening
  • Baby-sitting
  • Cleaning

All of these services can be accessed via a single application that utilizes geolocationConnectJob is a decentralized service that utilizes public blockchain technology to ensure a high level of transparency and functionality at all times.

Overview of the platform

  • It allows users to make use of their digital assets directly via the native CJT token, without involving any financial intermediaries or third-party institutions.
  • ConnectJob enables job providers to transfer their reputations in a decentralized manner by deploying a specialized SDK and an API for decentralized reputation validation
  • The system can be integrated with other decentralized applications that currently exist on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • It makes use of an attractive user interface that can be easily operated by novice as well as expert users.

Key Features

First and foremost, the ConnectJob mobile app collaborates with only highly trusted job providers whose legal backgrounds can be verified. On the flipside, the company also makes sure that applicants seeking out job roles are certified and qualified to carry out the task at hand.

ConnectJob’s user interface

ConnectJob is a universal platform which lists all of its services in a single application through the use of geolocation technology, making it easier and faster for job seekers to access relevant work portfolios in a highly secure manner.

The company’s business model

Other key aspects of ConnectJob include:

  • Security: the platform offers a secure medium where each individual transaction is processed through the power of blockchain technology.
  • Verifiable: ConnectJob employs an efficient hiring process which incorporates certified job seekers and applicants from other reliable platforms.
  • Ready to use: unlike similar platforms that have not yet been deployed for everyday use, the primary ConnectJob app is fully fleshed out and ready for market consumption.
  • Strong community backing: this service is backed by a community of users and developers who stay up to date with all of the latest technological developments taking place worldwide.

How it works

Simply put, ConnectJob starts by determining a specific pricing scheme for a particular service based upon the relevant country’s marketplace. Subsequently, once a service/task has been fulfilled, a confirmation process is initiated from both ends (i.e., the employer and the employee).

A simplified representation of how the ConnectJob app works

Once both parties confirm that the task at hand has been completed, payment is made via the app in ConnectJob tokens (CJT). The transaction fees collected by ConnectJob have been set at 20% for the app’s launch phase. However, it should be kept in mind that this percentage is nonconforming and can be progressively adjusted to reach a targeted 10% when the platform becomes fully decentralized.

How payments work within the ecosystem

Lastly, every transaction which takes place on this platform is facilitated by a currency called ConnectJob tokens. Customers who are not able to procure these tokens during the sale event have the opportunity to purchase the currency via credit card or crypto (Bitcoin or Ether) directly via the native app.

About the team

Yoni Assouline is the co-founder and CEO of ConnectJob. According to the official company whitepaper, his duties include:

  • Overseeing marketing development 
  • Maintaining investor relations
  • Organizing international service roll-outs

Yoni is also an experienced entrepreneur, who over the years has gathered niche skills within areas such as team management and strategy.

Jonathan Gueron is the co-founder and CTO of ConnectJob. Jonathan is responsible for all tech development pertaining to this project and previously founded iAdvize, where he served as the company’s technical director. Having gathered a wide array of cutting-edge web development skills, he currently leads a team of 20 developers.

Token Performance Details

As mentioned earlier, all transactions on the ConnectJob platform are facilitated by a currency called CJT Token. In all, there are currently 112,839,768 CJT in circulation, and a total of 166,298,157 CJT tokens have been created.

Also worth noting is that as of May 18, ConnectJob possesses a total market cap of US$8,755,531.

CJT lifetime performance chart (courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

Introduced into the market at a price of $0.08 on May 8, the currency has remained relatively stable in value over the course of the past ten days.

However, due to the newness of CJT tokens, it is hard to assess the true potential of this currency.

Final Thoughts

ConnectJob is a unique platform that offers the cryptoverse with an already-developed service module that leverages the power of Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard and allows for a decentralized exchange of value between job seekers and employers.

If you would like to start investing in this platform, CJT trading pairs are currently being offered on Yobit, Bancor Network, and IDEX.