What Are Steem Monsters?

Competition in the world of blockchain assets is heating up pretty quickly. This is a positive trend, although the longevity of some of these projects remains in question, for rather obvious reasons. Steem Monsters is trying to make an impact by introducing a new collectible trading card game on a blockchain.

The Purpose of Steem Monsters

Similar to how CryptoKitties operates, Steem Monsters will revolve around blockchain-based assets which can be traded, bought, and sold. The big difference is that this project revolves around the Steem blockchain, and the cards themselves are part of a major trading card game. In this regard, it seems to combine Spells of Genesis with CryptoKitties, with a few twists.

How Does it Work?

The current plan of action is to let users purchase cards through the Steem blockchain directly. Every card pack has a mix of ‘summoners’ and monsters, which can be used to participate in future tournaments in which players can win both prizes and glory. It is also possible to trade cards with other players to improve one’s overall deck build and quality.

To make this trading card game more immersive, individual cards can gain XP and learn new abilities. Cards will level up as they gain XP and become more powerful. Even so, diversifying one’s card deck will remain one of the main objectives of Steem Monsters. It will also become possible to combine cards of the same type to help them level up.

If things go according to plan, all of this will happen in July of 2018. It sounds like a rather engaging card game overall, although it remains to be seen how everything will pan out. With starter packs currently priced at $5, there may be a lot of initial interest in this project.

What Comes Next?

While all of the basic aspects of Steem Monsters sound appealing, there is still plenty of work to be done. The fighting system is currently in development, and a lot of other features have yet to be implemented. Tiers of prize pools will be set up along the way as well. It seems the team is looking to run a Kickstarter campaign which will help fund the project even further.