WAVES Testnet Client Now Available

Digital currency enthusiasts will have heard of WAVES by now, as the project successfully raised US$2m through their ICO not too long ago. To keep the momentum going, the WAVES team announced the first client iteration is ready to be downloaded, and investors can explore what this platform has to offer on the testnet.

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WAVES Testnet Software Release

Themerkle_Software Testnet WAVES

For all of the positive attention WAVES has gotten so far, there are still a lot of people who are curious as to how this concept will work in real life. This is why the developers have released the first iteration of the software client earlier today, which gives ICO investors access to what WAVES has to offer. Moreover, this version gives investors a chance to be part of the development process, as their feedback will be invaluable.

WAVES Founder Sasha Ivanov commented on this version as follows:

‘Functionality is currently limited, but what we have seems to work well. We’d like to invite everyone who is interested in our progress to help out by testing out what we’ve got so far and letting us know what they think.’

Addressing some of the key issues in cryptocurrency is not an easy task, especially not where ease of use is concerned. The WAVES team has raised the bar quite high for themselves, but they are confident the mission will be successful in the end. Keeping in mind how they raised US$2m during the first 24 hours of their ICO a few days ago, plenty of investors seem to agree.

It is interesting to note the WAVES project is based on the open source Scorex platform. Although this platform is a solid foundation for the project itself, it is not production-ready on its own just yet. This is why the team is building new layers on top of Scorex, which aids in creating the functionality WAVES needs to establish a complete crypto-ecosystem.

Together with the release of this very early alpha client, the WAVES team also announced the launch of their testnet block explorer. ICO investors are encouraged to give the software a try and report feedback to the developers. Staying up-to-date on the latest project news can be achieved by checking out the team Slack.

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