MultiBit HD Bitcoin Wallet Update Removes Excess Fees

There are multiple Bitcoin wallet solutions available for both computer and mobile users all over the world. Multibit HD is one of those wallet solutions gaining a bit of traction, and the team has released their new client. The most significant chance in this release is how transaction fees have been reduced, which many Bitcoin enthusiasts will enjoy.

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Multibit HD Version 0.3 Available For Download

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Making one’s Bitcoin wallet solution stand out from the other offerings is not that easy these days. Some wallets even do so in a slightly negative manner, by charging users higher fees than normal. Until very recently, Multibit HD would fit into this category, as the wallet solution implemented BRIT fees for the past two years.

The way BRIT fees work is by adding a small fee on top of the regular transaction cost for Bitcoin users. Not only did this increase transaction costs, but it was also rather complicated for users to wrap their heads around it. The Multibit HD team has come to a decision and removed the BRIT fee structure from their wallet. Instead, all Bitcoin transactions will only be subject to regular miner fees, putting it on par with the rest of the Bitcoin wallet solutions.

The second significant change for MultiBit HD users comes in the form of how the software license agreement has been modified. Now that BRIT fees are no longer part of the software, users no longer have to agree to an explicit agreement, allowing the team to use the MIT license from now on.

Moreover, there is now a semi-automatic update feature available to all MultiBit HD users in the world. This option can be turned on or off at the user’s leisure, although the upgrade process will not affect wallet data. Only the official application will be updated during this process. Some users may look at this as a minor change, but it does make it easier for enthusiasts to always have the latest software version installed.

As one would come to expect from a new Bitcoin wallet software version, a lot of minor bugs and issues have been resolved. MultiBit HD will now properly sync with TREZOR, and a problem with restoring a wallet showing the wrong timezone has been addressed as well. Full details can be found here.

Source: Reddit

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