Viet Film Fest Included Bitcoin Heist After-party

It looks as if the Bitcoin Heist movie will be making its way to the Western world after all. A recent trailer has surfaced regarding the upcoming Viet Film Fest 2016 in California, and the Bitcoin Heist movie will be the opener for this event.

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Bitcoin Heist Comes To The US

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As we mentioned in the previous Bitcoin Heist article, this movie could be an invaluable tool to put digital currency on the map. Most everyday consumers are still struggling with the concept of Bitcoin and digital currency, and such an action movie might help sway the minds of some people.

It is good to see this film coming to the Western world, though, as there are plenty of people who would like to see this movie. Bitcoin put in a somewhat positive spotlight, combined with an action-packed script, should make for a fascinating combination on the big screen.

The Viet Film Fest will run for four days in Orange, California, and feature a total of 24 movies for people to enjoy. Bitcoin Heist is the one most digital currency enthusiasts will be interested in, of course, but the other movies will be worth checking out as well. One never knows what treasures are waiting to be discovered.

What is even more interesting is how there was a Bitcoin after-party on the opening night reception. The primary focus of this event was on the Bitcoin Heist movie, of course, and the after-party featured DJ music, lots of good food, and a few industry VIPs who attended this event as well.

It is well worth noting the after-party was sponsored by Wells Fargo, one of the many banks exploring the boundaries of blockchain technology as of late. Although Bitcoin Heist has very little to do with the blockchain itself, it is very positive to see these financial players keep an open mind towards anything related to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Source: Viet Film Fest

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