Bitcoin Heist Movie Gets Positive Ratings So Far

Bringing more attention to the world of Bitcoin and digital currency is not always an easy task, and taking to the big screen might be a good idea. Over in Vietnam, the first Bitcoin-themed movie has hit local theaters, and Bitcoin Heist seems to be getting some positive reactions so far.

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People Seem To Like Bitcoin Heist

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It is not the first time Bitcoin is translated to visual media, as there have been various documentaries and short movies in the past. But it is the first time a full-fledged movie revolving around Bitcoin makes it to the theaters in Vietnam.  Ham Tran directs the movie, and although hardly anyone will know any of the actors, Bitcoin Heist is getting some good ratings so far.

There is no denying Bitcoin is a very technical concept, and explaining the importance of this digital currency is not as easy as one might think. Although Bitcoin has made an appearance in various tv shows over the past few years, the currency has always been associated with illegal activity and the deep web.

Bitcoin Heist is an entertaining movie that can attract a lot of attention to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Although the story revolves around a hacker wanted by Interpol, who dabbles around in Bitcoin payments, the trailer does not necessarily indicate any negative connotation about Bitcoin itself. In fact, this project could be quite beneficial to Bitcoin in general as it associates an action movie with the popular digital currency.

So far, the overall rating for this movie on IMDB is 6.7, which is not too shabby considering. Bitcoin heist will only be released in Vietnam. Moreover, it is not the first – or most original  – action movie to be put on the big screen, but the trailer seems to indicate it is well worth the money to watch it.

Unfortunately, there is no official information on whether or not an international release is planned for the DVD or Bluray of Bitcoin Heist. Plenty of Bitcoin users would like to see this movie, but traveling to Vietnam is out of the question for most of us.

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