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Viberate Introduces Vibes, the Token of the Music Industry

Viberate is a live music platform where users can look up the profiles of their favorite musicians, peruse their data, and even access tour dates and tickets. But Viberate is not just for users; artists benefit from being active on the platform as well. Viberate is good for both users and musicians because it is bringing disruptive blockchain technology to the live music industry.

The Vibe Token is the Token of the Live Music Industry

The Viberate Platform itself is already a really cool space for music lovers and musicians to operate in, and it becomes so much more interesting when cryptocurrency is thrown into the mix. Vibes (VIB) are the native cryptocurrency token to the platform itself. Musicians on the site will have the opportunity to charge for their live performances in Vibes, and users will be able to pay for tickets with their vibes.

What Else Can You Do with Vibe Tokens?

Viberate wants to ensure its token has many functions, and users have a variety of ways in which they can spend their Vibes. Buying event tickets and charging for shows in vibes is only the beginning. Musicians can pay their booking fees with vibes, which is an aspect of the industry some seem to forget. Anyone can use Vibes to pay for advertising space on the Viberate platform itself. Subscription fees to the premium services of the platform are also payable in Vibes. Musicians can pay Vibes to the platform to help increase their level of exposure in the community. Vibes can also be used to make connections with premium industry contacts. Finally, users can become traders by buying and selling Vibes on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Viberate has said it will soon release the names of the first exchanges supporting Vibes.

How Do I Get Vibe Tokens?

Viberate is launching a crowdsale next month to bring these tokens into the ecosystem. Investors and users can participate in order to obtain Vibes. It is an Ethereum-based crowdsale, so anyone looking to participate will need to acquire Ethereum beforehand. Initially, 1 VIB will be worth about ten cents.

But the crowdsale is not the only way to get Vibes. Those contributing to the overall health and growth of the platform are also rewarded. Adding new profiles, curating and updating existing profiles, adding events, referring friends, and promoting the platform or token all will be rewarded with Vibes. These rewards are distributed from the bounty pool where Vibes from profits, Vibes purchased by Viberate on exchanges, and some Vibes from the crowdsale are stored for later distribution to contributors.

Viberate is and will continue to be a disruptive force in the live music industry. Its versatile coin and business model rewards and encourages the use of its platform and aims to grow the company and its token’s overall worth.

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