Vermont Senate Will Vote On Implementing Blockchain And Smart Contracts

The state of Vermont in the United States is quite an unusual creature, as they seem to be on the fence as to whether or not the blockchain and smart contracts will become a part of everyday society. After initially seeing the value of the technology, and then deeming it too costly, it looks like “Blockchain Enabling” is still on the table.

What is Blockchain Enabling in Vermont?

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Later today, the Vermont Senate will come together in a meeting to decide on whether or not they will finally greenlight the implementation of blockchain technology in the region. However, the question remains as to how they seek to implement this technology, as there are so many different use cases for the blockchain available today.

Most people are well aware of how the blockchain could be a versatile tool for record keeping and document notary services. Ensuring the information in a particular document is valid and hasn’t been tampered with would be extremely beneficial to any government in the world, yet hardly anyone has ventured into this space so far.

It is worth noting the Vermont Blockchain Enabling proposal has already passed the House last month, a news fact which has gone by almost entirely unnoticed. This seems to indicate there are plans as to how local officials want to use the blockchain outside of the realm of finance, which is a nice change of pace these days.

Various types of government records could be stored on a blockchain, and the technology even lends itself for issuing identities in a digital format. Several countries around the world already use “tokens” to verify one’s identity when accessing governmental services, and there is no reason not to take things to the next level with a distributed ledger of information.

Last but not least, the Blockchain Enabling proposal also makes a mention of contractual parties and their obligations, which may indicate a closer look at smart contract technology in the future. Keeping in mind how that protocol is used in conjunction with the blockchain, exciting times could be ahead for the people of Vermont.

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