Venezuela Spends 20,000 Petro to Create a Digital Cryptocurrency Bank

Venezuela is a remarkable country when it comes to cryptocurrencyDespite the Petro currency continuing to be scrutinized left, right, and center, it seems there are big plans for this crypto. More specifically, the government now aims to create a digital cryptocurrency bank directly targeted at younger residents. The venture will receive $1.2 billion worth of funding in the form of 20 million Petro.

The Petro Gains More Traction

In a way, it is good to see the Petro currency gain a bit more traction. Despite the initial hype surrounding this project in Venezuela, there are still a lot of questions as to what the future holds for the currency itself. So far, there is no real reason to be interested in the Petro, although it seems that may change fairly soon. A new venture has been announced by the government which will certainly put this new form of money on the map.

More specifically, the Venezuelan government is launching a brand-new digital cryptocurrency bank. This particular venture is interesting for many reasons. Not only does it promote the use of the Petro cryptocurrency, but it also alleviates some of the financial concerns that have been plaguing the country for quite some time now. Venezuela is known for its financial instability, yet setting up a cryptocurrency bank could lead to some interesting developments down the line.

Moreover, this cryptocurrency bank is not necessarily designed for adults, as the government is mainly targeting youth and students. That is another interesting development, as it goes to show the Venezuelan government has high hopes for the future of the country. Introducing youth and students to the concept of cryptocurrency could make a positive impact, although it remains unclear if and when that will happen exactly.

Funding such a massive venture is not all that easy, although the government has a clear plan in place. More specifically, the cryptocurrency bank venture will be funded with 20 million Petro, currently valued at $1.2 billion. This further confirms that there is a real-life value for the Petro and actual use cases waiting to be unlocked. This is all part of an ongoing plan associated with cryptocurrency and Venezuela, by the look of things.

Moreover, President Nicolas Maduro made it clear he values all of Venezuela’s schools and universities. However, Maduro is convinced every single one of these institutions needs to have its own farm to mine cryptocurrencies. It is a bit unclear whether this applies to the Petro currency specifically, or any cryptocurrency which could rise in value over the coming years.

As one would expect, there are some concerns regarding this new venture. While one has to commend the president for focusing on cryptocurrency and banking in Venezuela, the value of the Petro itself is still up in the air. While the currency is backed by oil reserves, it remains to be seen how useful it will be in the real world. Funding a national effort for youth and young students portends an interesting future ahead, but there will be challenges to contend with as well.