Various Users Report Ethereum Geth Syncing Issues

Several Reddit users are complaining about an ongoing issue with the Ethereum wallet, which seems to take a very long time to synchronize the last 380,000 blocks on the network. Bitcoin users will know these struggles all too well, as there is nothing more annoying than spending days to get synchronized with the network.

Ethereum Blockchain Syncing Can Be Slow

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One downside to running a cryptocurrency wallet on one’s own computer is how the synchronization process with the blockchain can take up a lot of time and hard drive space. Although space is not an issue with the Ethereum blockchain just yet, some people wouldn’t mind a faster synchronization process right now.

According to several Reddit users, there seems to be a hiccup when synchronizing the wallet with the latest 380,000ish blocks. Things appear to get off to a normal start, as these processes should never take more than a few hours to begin with. But when synchronization starts to take several days to complete, something seems to be amiss.

Granted, not everyone leaves their computer on 24/7 during this synchronization process, and there is always a chance the wallet itself may experience a crash when downloading new data. However, three days for a few hundred thousand blocks remains a very long time, especially when considering not all of them have been downloading in that period either.

These claims are validated by other Reddit users as well, as the Geth wallet seems to be causing similar issues for other Ethereum enthusiasts. One possible solution is to remove the chaindata folder and using the geth executable with the “–fast” attribute. This will significantly speed up the syncing process, which also requiring less hard drive space.

The above solution is only a temporary fix, though, and does not address a significant issue multiple users seem to experience with Geth. Ethereum developers – or enthusiasts – should try to come up with a solution to sort this problem once and for all in the next major release.

Source: Reddit

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