Ethereum Geth V1.4 Release Candidate Available For Testing

A new release candidate for Ethereum Geth 1.4 has been made available a few hours ago. Considering the significance of release 1.4, various release candidates will be published in the coming weeks. Community feedback will play an important role in this process.

Geth 1.4 RC2 Is Here

Themerkle_Softwate Testing Ethereum Geth

Similar to the path Bitcoin Core clients follow, the Geth client for Ethereum will go through several release candidates in the coming weeks. It is important to note this release is a cumulation of six months of hard work, and the developers do not want to deliver a product that doesn’t function properly.

One of the most significant features in this release candidate is the inclusion of native Go DApp development. As part of this Geth release candidate, testers can now create fully automated Go Bindings to any Ethereum contract in existence, without requiring manual tinkering with the settings. This is a feature that requires thorough testing, and a step-by-step tutorial has been provided by the developers.

Additionally, this release candidate touches upon a basic build support feature for the iOS and Android platforms. Geth should be ported to mobile solutions at some point, even though running the software in either an iOS or Android environment is not feasible by any means. This particular feature will make the porting process possible one day, as it will serve as a foundation for future Geth updates.

Developers will find it interesting how this release candidate also includes the Geth release Oracle, which can be used as a multi-signature Ethereum contract to track Geth releases. To put this into simpler terms, this removes the need for centralized servers to provide Geth release updates, as the Oracle can check for this information on-chain.

It will be interesting to see how Ethereum developers and community members respond to this Geth release candidate. As more users test this solution, it will become clear as to whether or not the solution can be deemed worthy of public release, of if some bugs need to be ironed out over the next few weeks.

Source: Reddit

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