Using The Jaxx Wallet For Crowdsales And Token Purchases

The Jaxx wallet has been getting a lot of attention lately, as this hybrid solution for both Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet purposes is rather unique. Moreover, due to the cross-platform availability of this solution, it becomes easier to store and send BTC and ETH. In fact, some users have even bought The DAO tokens using Jaxx.

Using The Jaxx Wallet With The DAO Tokens

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One of the most promising things about the Jaxx wallet is how Ethereum and Bitcoin users can use this solution to partake in the crowdsale for The DAO. Several Ethereum enthusiasts have already done so in the past, and the process went smooth as butter by the look of things. However, there is one thing users need to take into account.

The public key will change every time someone makes a “maximum” transaction with Jaxx. Although this is not a major problem, it could cause some minor issues when dealing with crowdsales such as The DAO. Tokens are distributed based on the addresses which took part in the sale, and for Jaxx users, this could lead to their purchased tokens being split among different addresses.

However, there is a workaround to fix this potential issue, as users can transfer their Jaxx account to the Ethereum Mist wallet without any issues. Moreover, this issue was highlighted by the Jaxx team in a Reddit post a few days ago, warning all users about how they should best deal with these types of purchases.

Ethereum users can import their Jaxx wallet into mist by following a few [easy?] steps explained in this guide. By performing a backup of the Jaxx wallet and displaying the private keys, they can obtain access to their Ethereum keys, which can then be imported into the MyEtherWallet solution. This process can be a bit time consuming, though, but there is an alternative solution available as well.

This other solution comes in the form of sending the “max” amount from Jaxx to an existing Ethereum address and wait roughly one full minute for the transaction to finalize. Once this step has been completed, the user can then send the funds to the desired contract address, which should associate any tokens with the right address.

Source: Reddit

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