Jaxx Announces New Security Features For Ethereum and Bitcoin Wallet

Jaxx has been one of those wallet services people seem to like from the moment they can get their hands on the software. By supporting both Ethereum and Bitcoin, the Jaxx wallet is quite versatile, leading to the developers adjusting their original development roadmap. Additional security has been introduced, in the form of using a PIN code. Digital currency enthusiasts will rejoice at this news; as the new features will be available for all supported devices later today.

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More Security For Jaxx Wallet


Various Jaxx users have been asking the company for an additional layer of security to keep their digital currency balances safe from harm. Luckily, the team behind this wallet solution has taken the feedback to heart and added a new layer of security by introducing PIN code verification. For the time being, this solution only works for each device, as cross-platform support is in development right now.

Similar to other Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet solutions, the PIN code can be four digits long, which will then be required whenever someone accesses the Jaxx wallet or tries to send funds. Setting up PIN code security can be done through the solution’s Settings menu, accessible on all devices. Future updates include a cross-platform PIN code layer via PGP, although no official timeline has been announced for this feature.

Moreover, the company has also fixed an annoying issue a lot of Jaxx users were experiencing. Up until this point, a scanned QR code’s text field would not be cleared properly when conducting a transaction. These types of bugs are not uncommon for a wallet solution that is still in beta right now, but it is good to see them addressed at such an early stage.

A copy and paste issue for desktop clients has been fixed as well, which should make the process of using Jaxx to send and receive funds a bit smoother. Last but not least, the updated client version will warn Android owners if their Ethereum wallet is experiencing an issue. Once again, it is very positive to see the developers take care of these problems as soon as possible.

More functionality will be coming to Ethereum users over the coming week, as Jaxx will introduce an advanced send feature. By using this option, users will be able to allow for custom gas and custom data to be included when sending to a contract through the Ethereum wallet. Transferring funds from a paper wallet into Jaxx is also scheduled to become available later this week.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Jaxx website to download the newest client version as soon as it becomes available later today. The update will be pushed out to all supported devices, including Android, iOS, and desktop users.  

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