Users Complain FreeWallet’s Tether Wallet for Android Can’t Transfer Funds

Tether is one of those very peculiar token cryptocurrencies. The company specializes in issuing digital currencies pegged to various fiat currencies. Most people know USDT as being one of those tokens, which is pegged to the value of US$1. However, it appears a lot of people have been complaining about the Tether wallet developed by for Android. Now would be a good time to take a closer look at exactly what has been going on.

Freewallet’s Tether Wallet Is Not Working Optimally

One of the many Android Tether Wallet users reached out to tell us that Freewallet’s Tether Wallet does not function as advertised. It seems there are multiple people who recently experienced some issues with this specific wallet. That is not a good sign, but it is hard to tell where the fault lies exactly. The affected users are not too happy about this situation, and they cannot move money out of the wallet either.

As an example, one user emailed us explaining how he had used his Tether Wallet for Android multiple times in the past without any issues. The software has been around for some time now and provides users with an option to top up their Tether wallets with different cryptocurrencies with built-in credit and debit card support. Users should be able to send and receive funds to and from this wallet without issues, though that is anything but the case at this time.

When this user sent around US$6,000 worth of funds to the wallet, he ran into issues transferring the money. There was no specific error message, other than the fact that the transaction remained in processing for over 48 hours. That is rather unusual, as these types of transfers usually take less than 30 minutes to be confirmed on the network. The fact that the FreeWallet support team did not reply to his inquiry did not help matters all that much either. This user eventually left a negative rating in the Google Play Store, which finally got attention from the team.

According to FreeWallet, there have been issues with the Tether network. As a result, many transactions were delayed or never broadcast to the network in general. The team decided to roll back this user’s account and credit his balance with the missing funds. That should have completely resolved the problem, but it did not. Instead, the user is now in the awkward position of having his funds stuck in processing and not being able to move them at all. That is absolutely unacceptable.

It appears this user is not the only one experiencing issues. Other negative comments in the Google Play Store relate a similar issue, which prompted the exact same response from the FreeWallet team. It is unclear if that particular issue was ever resolved. Prior to that incident, other users also left feedback stating that they had had issues as well. At the time, the team had claimed that “Tether sometimes has network lag,” which seems pretty strange.  People have had very mixed experiences with the Tether Wallet on Android, to say the least.

Looking over the Tether subreddit, it seems highly unlikely there were any network delays which would explain these strange events. Instead, it appears the FreeWallet team has had some issues with this wallet which they either cannot or will not resolve. It is true that Tether encountered banking issues several months ago, but that would not affect the transfer of USDT or EURT on the network. For now, the best course of action is not to use the Tether Wallet for Android until all of these issues have been resolved. We will continue monitoring the situation and update this article accordingly.