US Presidential Committee Advocates For More Collaboration in The Cyber Security Sector

Cyber security measures are direly needed these days, and the US Presidential Commission acknowledges that fact. As a result, they have issued new guidelines and recommendations of how enterprises and institutions should go about protecting systems and data. Cooperation is an absolute must to improve security standards, as criminals will prey on every weakness they can find.

More Words Than Action By The US Government

In this day and age of mounting security threats, the time for words has long passed. Instead, proper action needs to be taken, especially where the cyber security department is concerned.  All of this talk only delays solving problems, which is not the right course of action by any means.

Interestingly enough, the US Presidential Commission seems to agree. Their new cyber security guidelines prioritize further collaboration between the government and the private sector. More collaboration of brilliant minds working on a secure solution leads to innovation and a better ecosystem for everyone involved.

Additionally, the Commission, which was created by Barack Obama earlier this year, feels that the President and Congress need to accelerate technology adoption. In saying so, they advise that security updates and new infrastructures need to roll out at an accelerated pace to ensure that consumers and businesses enjoy the latest security measures at any given time.

The United States doesn’t want to isolate itself from the rest of the world with these cyber security measures, though. Instead, a new ambassador for international cyber security policy will be appointed in the coming months. As of right now, there is no indication who may be considered for such a role, although more information is expected to become available in Q1 of 2017.

It is evident that international policies must be established if we want to take cyber security to the next level. Individual countries doing their down thing without collaboration is not an acceptable course of action right now. Collaboration is the key to improving security for all users on the Internet and beyond.

Finally, there is the topic of what role law enforcement agencies will play in the future of cyber security. The FBI and the Justice Department do not have the best track record so far, as they seem to overstep boundaries more often than not. Rules need to apply to everyone equally, including those hunting down the criminals who are causing havoc upon the security sector.

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