Future Generations of Cyber Security Experts Need To Think Like A Hacker

In this day and age of hackers and Internet criminals, security experts are faced with serious hurdles to prevent these attacks from happening, instead of cleaning up the mess afterwards. A new initiative will help security experts think like hackers, in an attempt to step up cyber security all over the world.

Learning To Think Like A Hacker

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One of the best ways to solve any criminal case in the world is by trying to think like the culprits. This is no different in the world of cybersecurity, as hackers always leave certain digital breadcrumbs for security experts to trace, assuming they know where to look in the first place. Acquiring this particular set of skills requires thorough training, preferably at a very young age.

The New York University’s Brooklyn campus recently conducted a Cyber Security Awareness Week, where various competitions are held to bring cyber security to the forefront. High school and university students from all over the world team up and try to find traces left by a hacker who committed an online crime.

As one would come to expect from such events, there was a fair amount of prize money involved. Over US$450,000 in scholarships for high schoolers and US$11,000 in cash for university students was awarded, marking this as the largest cyber security event of its kind targeting this specific demographic.

This particular event attracted a lot of sponsors as well, such as the Department of Homeland Security, IBM, and Facebook. Recruiting and shaping the newer generations of cyber forensics needs to take place sooner rather than later, as hacker are outpacing security experts regarding knowledge and insights at a worrying pace.

Although this may not be the most glamorous job in the minds of young adults, cyber security is one of the most important aspects of our society today. Future security experts will help shape the way our society evolves, and the growing focus on technology will create a lot of jobs in this field over the next few decades.

Source: CNET

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