UN Pleas For Improved Law Enforcement Tools To Shut Down Dark Net Drug Trading

Putting an end to the drug trafficking on the deep web is a monumental undertaking. The United Nations have taken it upon themselves to find some solution to make this possible, though. By the look of things, this will probably lead to law enforcement agencies being given carte blanche all over the world in the future.

The UN Wants To End Dark Net Drug Sales

TheMerkle_United Nations Dark Net Drug Sales

Ever since the Internet has come around, it has been used for legal and illicit purposes. The introduction of the dark net made the latter option even more appealing, as users could remain virtually anonymous at all times. It came as no surprise to find out drug sales are booming on the dark net in recent years, and that trend will continue for some time to come.

But if it is up to the United Nations, the war against the dark net is only just beginning. Their latest report mentions how law enforcement is “still not in a position to effectively deal with the anonymous online marketplace”. Users protect their identity through anonymity software, which cannot be legally bypassed. Then again, the FBI seems to be able to do so, albeit there are a lot of questions regarding their tactics.

Europol has been a favorite of building technical solutions that allow for technical investigations using the dark net. However, the law enforcement agency wants to remain compliant with relevant legislation. The FBI, on the other hand, mistaking the “hack first, ask for permission later’ approach. Oddly enough, the legal system is not punishing them for doing so either.

Dealing with dark net vendors is not an easy task, but then again, it was never intended to be. Bringing down major drug rings has always been a struggle for law enforcement, and the Internet hasn’t made the job any easier. Legal boundaries usually prevent them from taking thorough action, particularly regarding the jurisdiction in the suspect’s location.

It remains to be seen how the United Nations decide to tackle this hurdle moving forward, though. There is very little this “governmental body” can do on their own as they do not have any official jurisdiction anywhere. For the time being, the dark net can continue this operation unencumbered.

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