University of Kent’s Cyber Research Survey Shows How Big the Online Generation Gap Is..Or Isn’t

The University of Kent’s Cyber Security Center has released a study that shows the 5% of adults have browsed the dark net. It also shows that 1% said they have actually bought something on dark net. An even higher percentage of 14% of 18-24-year old’s said they have used dark net to buy things.

Kent’s survey revealed that 4% of British adults were at one point, victims of ransomware. This is a special kind of malware which encrypted the victim’s computer, only to be unlocked for a hefty fee. 26% of those who took the survey said they paid the ransom to have their computers restored back to normal. A staggering 35% say even after paying the ransom, their systems were never recovered.

Bitcoin is still struggling in the U.K., but the usage figured doubled with the 18 to 24 age group.

The report also said that when it comes to hacking penalties, the older age groups are calling for stiffer penalties, while the younger groups don’t see it as a very punishable crime. 40% of adults that surveyed believed the government should do more to prevent the breaches from happening.

It also showed that almost a third of citizens don’t want their medical data shared to third parties for any reasons at all.

The purpose of the survey was primarily to identify the generation gap feelings about the internet, and online privacy. The Center for Cyber Research combines information and reports from the Schools of Computing and Engineering and the Digital Arts and Social Sciences. The center also received recognition as an Academic Center of Excellence in Cyber Security Research in 2015.  They were established in 1965, and now is home to almost 20,000 students. Kent itself is ranked 17th in the U.K for research intensity. 97 percent of its research has been deemed international quality by the REF.

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