Dark Net Group Italian Mafia Brussels Members Arrested

Another vendor group active on the deep web has been busted by law enforcement. This is starting to become a worrisome trend, considering how the dark net is supposed to provide complete anonymity, assuming users take the necessary precautions. Suspects were arrested in Belgium, the US, and Romania.

Italian Mafia Brussels Is Done For

TheMerkle_arrests MDMA XTC

With a name such as Italian Mafia Brussels, one is bound to attract unwanted attention at some point in the future. This particular dark net vendor group built a reputation for selling MDMA and ecstasy on the deep web.  What makes their method of operation of particular interest is how the team make their packages appear to be from legitimate companies.

It took a collaboration between international law enforcement agencies to bring this team down. Six people were arrested in Belgium, and an undisclosed number of arrests took place in Romania and the US. All of their orders were shipped to the US, which appears to be their primary market for drug trafficking.

Law enforcement agencies have taken their sweet time to bring Italian Mafia Brussels down. The investigation initially began in February of 2014, once companies start filing complaints about packages being returned to them. However, they had never shipped the goods in the first place, leading to the contents being examined by law enforcement officials. As it turns out, the packages contained materials to make thousands of XTC pills.

All of the company’s filing complaints were based in Belgium as well. For some reason, Italian Mafia Brussels used these company names and all of their information when shipping goods overseas. Considering how this group was active across several different deep web marketplaces, they quickly gained a solid reputation among drug buyers.

For the time being, it remains unclear as to how law enforcement agencies managed to track down the individuals related to this deep web group. While some of the packages were intercepted, that does not necessarily mean the group made any mistakes revealing their identity. All of these dark net busts raise a lot of questions which remain unanswered for now.

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