Twitter Enjoys Speculating Over the Alleged Coronavirus Holocaust Scenario

The coronavirus threat keeps the world in its grasp every single day. On Twitter, some very interesting details were shared, albeit they are probably not related to the incident at all.

When a virus outbreak like this takes place, there will be ample conspiracy theories in the near future.

There is no Coronavirus Holocaust

In the case of the coronavirus, there has been ample speculation in recent days.

One Twitter account shared some details regarding unusual outputs of sulfur dioxide gas.

Those appear to originate from the outskirts of Wuhan, where all factory-related business remain shut down until further notice. 

With this evidence, several conclusions came to light.

Either someone was burning  a lot of medical waste, or they were getting rid of bodies.

Those bodies can be either human, animal, or alien in nature, for all one knows. 

It seems a bit of a stretch to jump to such conclusions right away.

That said, China doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to massive incidents and the official figures they report.

Many people doubt that the official death tool and infection numbers reported by the government are correct.

Getting rid of any “evidence” would require drastic measures, such as this assumed “holocaust’. 

For now, the correlation of this sulfur dioxide gas and the coronavirus remains unclear.