TriForce Tokens Announces Another Token Sale As It Begins Marketing Effort Targeting Second Life Players

As part of its effort to market its brand and coin, TriForce Tokens has created an in-game stand in Second Life that offers information about themselves inside the game’s first-ever virtual information center about cryptocurrencies.

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This way, users of the game can familiarize themselves with the idea behind the project as they play the game, something that squares nicely with its use-case in gaming. Additionally, it could become a major gateway for many considering the game’s immense popularity — Linden Lab, the game’s developer, announced in 2013 that Second Life had 1 million active users.

Furthermore, another way the TriForce Tokens team has expanded upon its marketing efforts is by hiring  Look Touch & Feel, a marketing consultancy firm that is also based out of the UK. They will be helping TriForce with delivering on their token sale commitments and assisting them with getting the platform’s FORCE tokens more media attention from big name outlets.

Just before its next token sale is launched, Triforce Tokens intends on releasing its mobile app, dubbed ‘RaidParty’. The app will be in a beta stage and will be integrated directly into the Triforce Tokens blockchain network.

The significance of this is that it will be an outlet for gamers, developers, and streamers to curate social engagement on the platform as well as create a friendly environment for those using it via a reward system.

Triforce Tokens will also go ahead with its next Token Sale event, planned for February 20th, 2018 according to the company’s release on the subject. The sale will commence on the 20th and will run for two weeks before ending in early-March. A billion and half tokens will be made available for purchase and will be looking to sell at least 1,600 ETH worth of their FORCE token.

Regulatory compliance is a big selling point for the project’s managers, something it wants to put on full display by having their next ICO become the first ever that is fully compliant with UK finance laws.

In addition to this, it will also be pursuing an ISO27001 certification — a type of specification for an information security management system (ISMS) that creates international standards that go beyond nationally mandated requirements.

TriForce has attempted to make a name for itself by establishing relationships with well-known players in the cryptosphere. As any good blockchain startup would it has formed partnerships with influential groups that will give them support and guidance moving forward.

So far, it has done this with the Crypto Valley Association — of which TriForce Tokens is considered a corporate member, joining an organization supported by big name companies such as PwC and Thomson Reuters.

In addition to its membership with the Crypto Valley Association, it is also a member of two non-cryptocurrency organizations. One is a of a video games and publisher network, called TIGA — a group of people trying to help facilitate and improve game development and digital publishing.

One other group it has partnered with is the Coventry University Enterprises Lt, which TriForce established while engaged in an IP audit with the UK government’s Innovate UK for its technology and brand.

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