Trading Platform Bexplus Announced Start of Its Referral Program

Hong Kong-based trading platform Bexplus announced that now traders can participate in its referral program: by referring service to the friends the inviter can get up to 15% of deposits made by invitees. 

Referring Bexplus to your friends is simple: you just need to share the link or invitation code which are available in your personal account page. 

The amount of reward depends on the number of referees and total margin used by referees and ranges between 8-15%.

Reward is calculated each month if the referees’ amount of total margin used reached the minimal amount (mentioned above). If in the current month’s total margin used not enough, the period of calculation can be up to 6 months, to make sure that referees will make enough transactions for receiving a reward.

Bexplus Wallet: New Way to Gain Profits

In August 2019 Bexplus also introduced its first lending feature: by making a deposit users can get 18-30% of annualized interest. 

First of all, the platform is made for leveraged trading, which requires a significant experience and knowledge of market. According to Bexplus, Wallet feature designed especially for investors, who are not so experienced to trade big amounts with 100x leverage and don’t want to take risks. 

Deposits in the Wallet can bring passive profits, which calculate each month. Wallet deposits are stored in your wallet account which is completely independent from trading account, so,even if you have any open positions, your wallet deposits are safe. 

Interest calculates daily and reaches your account on the first day of each month. That means, if you even have kept the funds in your wallet account for several days, you still gen get the interest. 

Among Bexplus Walllet advantages there are:

High annual interest (APR). Interest which Bexplus offering is significantly higher than its competitors’: while on Bexplus your minimum interest is 18%, most services offer just 4-10% (more often ~6%). 

Safety. All of the bitcoins are stored in cold storage with encrypted access, all the transactions are performed manually and require several staff members to cooperate. 

Easy and quick withdrawal. You can withdraw your funds at any time, and no fees will be charged for early withdrawal. There’s always a chance to change your mind.

Low minimum deposit amount. Investors can make a deposit starting from 0.05 BTC. Some lending platforms limit minimal amounts to 1 BTC.

Bexplus is a fast-growing margin exchange with 100x leverage. On the platform investors can trade BTC, ETH, LTC and other futures contracts. Bexplus’ advantages are: simplicity, lack of spread, trading simulator, security, quick withdrawal and deposit and various activities we prepare every month: for example, now investors can receive 100% deposit bonus. By depositing 1 BTC you can get another 1 BTC for trading.

Start earning with Bexplus today!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article