Toronto Stock Exchange Hires Anthony Di Iorio For Mystery Blockchain Projects

More and more job openings related to blockchain technology are opening up all over the world. Especially established financial company are keeping a close eye on the future of blockchain technology and how it can be used to make platforms more stable. The Toronto Stock Exchange is the latest company on this growing list to join the growing list of companies, although it remains to be seen how they want to integrate the blockchain.

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Toronto Stock Exchange Enlists Blockchain Entrepreneur

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Various stock exchanges have been keeping a close eye on the progress made with blockchain technology, although it remains to be seen how they will decide to implement distributed ledgers. The Toronto Stock Exchange is making big moves in the blockchain world, as they hired a Bitcoin entrepreneur to fill the role as first chief digital officer for the company.

The person responsible for figuring out a way to integrate digital ledger technology into the offers by the Toronto Stock Exchange is Anthony Di Iorio. Some people in the Bitcoin world will remember this name as Di Iorio has founded several companies based on blockchain technology in the past.

Various stock exchanges are eyeing how they can use blockchain technology can become a part of more traditional finance. Having the option to conduct financial transactions without relying on a middleman or third party is precedented in the financial world. Additionally, this approach will boost profit margins for the Toronto Stock Exchange. In fact, if the blockchain would be used for issuing securities, clearing houses might be removed from the equation altogether.

While most of the details are still unknown at this time, we do know the Toronto Stock Exchange has enlisted a blockchain startup to create a new trade settlement system based on distributed ledger technology. With the prospect of making features cheaper, faster, and simply better overall, this seems to be a smart move by the company.

Source: Venturebeat

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