Top Cryptocurrencies To Earn A Passive Income, Rocket Pool and Tradecurve

Crypto investors have always loved passive income, and DeFi has opened up thousands of ways for investors to utilize their assets. Rocket Pool (RPL) and Tradecurve (TCRV) have become the leaders in this race.

Rocket Pool brings Ethereum (ETH) staking rewards to all users, and Tradecurve delivers AI-powered trading algorithms allowing users to leverage machine learning in markets alongside its staking program.

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Tradecurve (TCRV) AI-Powered Trading Algorithms

Tradecurve (TCRV) challenges the current established trend in DeFi, moving the model from crypto-to-crypto pairings towards a crypto-to-derivatives pairing model, as opposed to Rocket Pool. It delivers a single interface where users can travel between asset classes following liquidity. And all good traders can appreciate this unique value proposition.

Regarding passive income, $TCRV, the platform’s native token, gives investors various opportunities to earn. The most straightforward is to provide liquidity and act as the counterparty to traders. These stakers power Tradecurve’s institutional-level liquidity.

Analysts forecasting $TCRV rallying by 5,000% before the presale closes called attention to the token’s core value proposition. It acts as the key to the broader Tradecurve ecosystem, and holders gain access to several lucrative streams of passive income.

$TCRV holders unlock the platform’s social trading features allowing them to automatically copy-trade the best on-chain traders. This feature means even novice traders can enjoy the portfolio gains of professional traders, and Tradecurve even goes one step further.

One of the protocol’s most hyped features will also be its most potent passive income stream. Tradecurve features hundreds of AI-powered and backtested trading systems that allow investors to optimize their portfolio performance thanks to the power of machine learning.

Senior analysts have already compared the Tradecurve presale to the legendary Binance Coin (BNB) ICO held in 2017, where $BNB launched at just $0.15.

$TCRV holders unlock staking rewards, copy trading, and AI-powered trading systems. In short, $TCRV powers three distinct passive income streams alongside exposure to the platform’s growth, making it one of the leading altcoins to buy in 2023.

Rocket Pool (RPL) Staking Rewards

Rocket Pool (RPL) is a liquid staking protocol allowing investors with less than 32 $ETH and the technical capacity to participate in the staking process. Rocket Pool (RPL) remains the staking as a service provider most committed to decentralization. The recent Atlas upgrade allows users to spin up an Ethereum (ETH) node through Rocket Pool (RPL) with just 8 $ETH.

Rocket Pool’s (RPL) liquid staking token $rETH has deep composability in DeFi. $rETH accrues staking rewards and brings $ETH-denominated returns to all investors. Rocket Pool (RPL) has made accessing the yield created by the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain simple.

The native token of Rocket Pool (RPL) allows users to engage in the governance proposal and is also required for creating a mini pool giving it a constant source of buy pressure. Analysts forecast Rocket Pool (RPL) trading between $59.21 and $72.08 in 2024 as Ethereum (ETH) staking grows in popularity.

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