Top 6 Most Targeted Countries For Cyber Attacks

The cyber attack business continues to grow exponentially over time. In the year 2017, there will be several million cyber attacks every single day. As it turns out, some countries are targeted more than others. Although the United States is a top target for cyber criminals, they are not in the top three by any means.

#6 Brazil

brazil flag

Most people would not necessarily associate Brazil with cyber attacks, as there seems to be little financial gain in doing so. The Brazilian economy has been facing hardship for several years now; Brazil is not in the top 50 countries with high internet penetration, but it is clear the region is attracting a lot of attention from cyber criminals these days.

#5 Turkey

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Civil unrest is not the only major problem affecting Turkey as of right now. The country is also facing a lot of cyber attacks as of late, although it remains unclear what the objective is. A lot of citizens are angered by the censorship measures affecting the country, yet that should not necessarily result in an increasing number of cyber attacks. The country’s largest IPO in three years was affected by a cyber attack, causing them to delay the listing.

#4 The United States

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Contrary to what most people may assume, the US only ranks 4th in the world when it comes to cyber attacks. Most of these incidents affected everyday parts of the national infrastructure. In 2016, quite a few attacks made headline news, including the breach of voter records and the Wendy’s Company suffers a major malware attack. Plus, there were also hacks of Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and other major online service providers.

#3 India

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Considering India is one of the top emerging markets, it is not surprising to see the country facing an increase in cyber attacks as of late. In the year 2016, India suffered a major attack affecting millions of debit cards. Moreover, a report on national cyber security highlighted how nearly 41% of local companies suffered from a data breach. That number is expected to increase, though, as India’s march towards digitization continues unencumbered.

#2 The Philippines

Philippine Flag

Things are not looking all that positive for The Philippines, where cyber security is concerned. It turns out the country’s infrastructure has become twice as vulnerable to cyber attacks over the past six years. That is anything but a welcome development, and it makes the region a likely target for online crime gangs. The local economy heavily relies on Internet-based interaction, which opens the door for all kinds of cyber attacks.

#1 Indonesia

indonesia flag

Earlier this year it became apparent cyber attacks in Indonesia were occurring at an alarming rate. With the total number of attacks increasing by 33% between 2014 and 2015, it was only a matter of time until things got out of hand. Most of these threats target e-commerce websites. It appears the country has no coordinated cyber defense just yet.

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