Government Form Digitization Startup SeamlessDocs Raises US$7m

The push for digitization is in full effect, and governments are looking at the various ways to ensure they can go digital shortly. Now that startup SeamlessDocs raised US$7m in Series B funding achieving that goal has come one step closer.

SeamlessDocs Helps Governments With Digital Transformation

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There are many ways for governments to focus on the Digital Age, and various startups are looking to help them achieve this goal. SeamlessDocs, a company, focusing on helping governments in getting their forms online, has recently announced their successful Series B funding round, worth US$7m.

Technology companies have taken a liking to this startup, and the round of funding was led by Motorola Solutions. Among the other investors are Govtech Fund, 1779, and Yew York State Innovation Fund. By the look of things, SeamlessDocs’ tagline is attracting a lot of attention, as they feel “government is beautiful”.

Regardless of how we want to look at things, interaction with the government often takes place through forms, most of which only exist in printed format.  This makes it both annoying and time-consuming to interact with the government, and SeamlessDocs wants to change all that. By hooking in with local government [branches], the company converts all of their local forms into interactive and clickable digital counterparts.

Some people may be wondering how SeamlessDocs will tackle the issue of in-person interactions when dealing with specific forms. Their in-house solution turns these forms into a digital version people can fill in on their phone, including signing and filling out the form, as well as government transactions.

So far, the company has been working with several hundreds of local governments, and they plan to expand their reach thanks to this successful Series B round. Federal agencies are a the top of the priority list, together with other branches of government. Additionally, the team will be expanding through the hiring of more engineers, customer service representatives, and sales staff.

Source: TechCrunch

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