Top 6 Most Intriguing 3D Printed Buildings and Structures

It seems to be only a matter of time until 3D printed buildings become a very common trend. Quite a few buildings have been created using a 3D printer so far, some of which are quite interesting to take note of. This time we have taken a look at some of the “fanciest” 3D printed houses and structures which can be found in the world today.

6. Project EGG

As the name suggests, Project EGG is not your average structure. It is a collaborative 3D printing construction project located in The Netherlands. It took 4,760 unique individual “stones” to create Project EGG, which makes it even more impressive. Although it may not be something most people would like to see in their home, the concept is quite appealing, to say the least.

Project EGG

5. Chinese Courtyards

If it is up to the Chinese 3D printing community, most of the nation’s courtyard will come out of a printer in the future. Two 3D printed Chinese courtyards were created back in 2016, both of which are inspired by ancient Suzhou gardens. Moreover, the courtyards also include a scenic garden, patterned windows, a gallery, and chairs. The walls of the courtyard are lined with areas to grow fruit and vegetables. Quite an intriguing concept, that much is certain.

3D Chinese Courtyards

4. Sustainable Housing

In Austin, Texas, the world of 3D printing is taking a very useful and tangible form. Sunconomy and Apis Cor are raising enough funds to start 3D printing affordable and sustainable housing. The amount of funds required is being raised through a crowdfunding campaign, which will see two proof of concept buildings.

3d printed sustainable

3. Curve Appeal

One of the most prominent 3D printed buildings in the world will be located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Although construction has yet to get underway, the conceptual 3D printed house is quite impressive, to say the least. The structure is made up of 28 different panels, all of which will be 3D printed. It will be interesting to see how feasible the construction of this structure will be, though.

3D Curve Appeal

2. Shamballa Village

In Northern Italy, the plan is to create an entire village using 3D printers. Shamballa village is a creation by Project WASP, which will make use of BigDelta 3D printers to build all houses on-site. All houses will be made from mud or clay and plant fibers. All materials are locally available, effectively reducing the environmental footprint of this project. Interestingly enough, it costs 48 euro to build a 3D printed house this way.

3D Shamballa Village

1. Urban Cabin

Many people envision living in a cabin, far away from most people and stressful situations. The 3D printed Urban Cabin can be found in the midst of Amsterdam, although it may be a bit too tiny for most people’s liking. That said, the building includes a porch and sofa that doubles as a twin bed. While the house takes up only 25 cubic meters, it is certainly possible to scale this project to a bigger size if needed.

3d urban cabin

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