Top 6 Cryptocurrencies on StockTwits

Speculators and investors all over the world have shown increasing interest in cryptocurrency over the past few years. StockTwits is a platform which integrates a lot of price tools for some of today’s top stocks and cryptocurrencies. According to a recent blog post, there are a fair few currencies which are considerably more popular than others. This list will not necessarily surprise a lot of people, but it is still worth looking into.

6. Bitcoin Cash

For a currency that has only been around for a few weeks, Bitcoin Cash has certainly made a big impact on speculators. Tracking the price movement of BCH has proven to be quite popular on StockTwits, as over 1,780 people are “watching” the charts for this currency these days. Although the use cases for Bitcoin Cash have yet to be identified, for the most part speculators are making good profit by carefully manipulating the price right now.

5. NEO

It is somewhat surprising to see NEO on this list, even though it has seen some volatile price movements as of late. Once again, this is a perfect altcoin market for speculators and market makers, as NEO often has a rather low trading volume. The NEO price broke the US$30 mark again over the weekend, which shows this coin still has a lot of momentum on its side for the time being. With over 2,300 “watchers” on StockTwits, things are bound to get interesting for this currency.

4. Ripple

No one can deny that Ripple and its XRP asset have had a major year to date. When the XRP price skyrocketed earlier this year, a lot of people suddenly realized this currency was still around. While XRP is not your traditional cryptocurrency by any means, it should not be overlooked whatsoever. Its price gains are almost legendary by now, yet it remains to be seen what the future holds for both Ripple and XRP. With 3,801 watchers on StockTwits, things aren’t looking half bad.

3. Litecoin

It is always good to see people paying attention to Litecoin. Until a few months ago, it appeared LTC was forever stuck in sideways trading mode. Ever since SegWit was activated on the network, things have come to change for the better. Right now, Litecoin appears on the watch lists of almost 7,000 StockTwits users. That’s an impressive number, although it doesn’t necessarily mean people are bullish on Litecoin right now. The price has lost some of its glory over the past few weeks; that much is certain.

2. Ethereum

Another currency high up on the StockTwits list which no one will be surprised by is Ethereum. Similar to some other currencies, the year 2017 has been pretty stellar for Ethereum. In particular, ICO investors of a few years ago will be more than happy with their ROI right now. Nearly 12,000 people watch Ethereum on this trading platform, which shows it is a very popular altcoin. That being said, the Ethereum price is currently struggling a bit to find stable ground, as the value remains above and below US$300 on a regular basis.

1. Bitcoin

Unsurprisingly, the world’s leading cryptocurrency is also the most-tracked currency on StockTwits right now. Bitcoin has almost twice the “watchers” of Ethereum and three times as many as Litecoin. These numbers correlate with the market dominance of Bitcoin these days. While 20,812 watchers on StockTwits is not necessarily spectacular, it also goes to show that the interest in cryptocurrency prices among the general public is very real. It will be interesting to see how these numbers look in just a few months from now.