Top 3 Bitcoin Cash Developments

Bitcoin Cash is an ecosystem which continues to amaze a lot of people. Plenty of cryptocurrency enthusiasts had assumed Bitcoin Cash would crumble relatively quickly. That has not been the case, as it appears the ecosystem is growing every single week. Some new and upcoming features will pave the way for an even better Bitcoin Cash ecosystem as a whole. All of these decisions are pretty intriguing in their own ways.

3. Preev is Allegedly Adding Bitcoin Cash Support

It is not entirely surprising to see a popular service such as Preev enable support for Bitcoin Cash. There has been high demand from people trying to figure out the Bitcoin Cash price. With no real price tickers available on commonly used platforms these days, something had to change. Preev is paving the way in this regard, and the service will integrate a Bitcoin Cash price ticker in the coming days.

It will be interesting to see how this development affects Bitcoin Cash as a whole. The currency is struggling somewhat due to overall volatility affecting all cryptocurrency markets. It will also be interesting to see if other services follow Preev’s example and introduce similar features in the future. Rest assured the Bitcoin Cash community will be pleased with this news, as it further validates the BCH ecosystem as a whole.

2. Jaxx Wallet Integrates Bitcoin Cash

More wallets are enabling support for Bitcoin Cash. Jaxx is one of the more popular browser and mobile wallets in existence today, and its support for Bitcoin Cash will certainly provide more users with an opportunity to use this altcoin. It also brings more convenience to supporters of BCH. The Jaxx wallet should not be looked at as a solution to store coins for the long term – nor should any mobile or browser wallet for any cryptocurrency – since it was never designed for that purpose.

The Jaxx team had to come up with its own solution to integrate Bitcoin Cash. Under the hood, the wallet relies on Insight Server, which is also used by most other wallet service providers. However, Insight Server does not support BCH, nor will it do so in the future. It has taken the Jaxx team some time to integrate this particular solution, which is why the support is only now coming in the next update. Better late than never, I suppose.

1. Fund WebMoney With Bitcoin Cash

The biggest news of the week comes in the form of WebMoney supporting Bitcoin Cash. This is a rather sudden and remarkable decision by the Russian online payment service provider. The company recently enabled support for Bitcoin as well, which was considered to be highly controversial at the time. Russia has quite an interesting – and somewhat adversarial – relationship with cryptocurrency, which continues to deteriorate or improve seemingly without warning.

Now that WebMoney supports Bitcoin Cash, things will become more interesting moving forward. Users can top up their WebMoney balances with Bitcoin Cash, but they can also use WMR and WMZ to buy Bitcoin Cash too. It is unclear whether any merchants relying on WebMoney will benefit from this BCH support moving forward, though. All things considered, this was a powerful decision by the Russian company which may elevate BCH to the next level over the coming months.