Top 6 Bitcoin ATM Manufacturers

The number of Bitcoin ATMs all over the world continues to grow on a weekly basis. Some manufacturers have proven to be more successful at deploying their machines compared to others. It is good to see more competition in this market, even though it will be difficult to dethrone the current leaders. Below is a list of successful companies in the Bitcoin ATM world to date.

6. Skyhook

It has to be said, Skyhook bitcoin ATMs are quite different from machines developed by other manufacturers. It is an open source solution that allows users to run their own custom operating system. Moreover, Skyhook machines are cheaper compared to competitors’ offerings, even though the learning curve is a bit steeper as well. As of right now, Skyhook bitcoin ATMs represent 2.68% of the market.

5. BitXATM

This company finds itself in a bit of a pickle right now. Even though BitXATM controls a 2.87% market share, we have received some warnings regarding no customer support and potential theft of funds. However, BitXAtm still deserves a mention in this list, simply because they are the world’s fifth-largest manufacturer of bitcoin ATMs. Depending on what type of evidence we can bring to light, that situation may change soon, though.

4. BitAccess

BitAccess has become a household name in the bitcoin ATM industry as of late. The company has great customer support and their machines are appreciated by cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world. Their 5.85% market share indicates there is a lot of faith in this company right now, but they have their work cut out for them if they want to overtake the top 3 anytime soon.

3. General Bytes

It is difficult to have a discussion about Bitcoin ATMs and not come across the General Bytes name. Over the past few months, General Bytes has become the third-largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturer in the world, as they power over 16% of all cryptocurrency ATMs in operation right now. That is quite a significant feat in its own right, although it is safe to assume the company envies that top spot on the list.

2. Lamassu

This Israel-based company has been one of the frontrunners when it comes to designing and deploying bitcoin ATMs. They were also one of the first to come up with two-way bitcoin ATMs, which would convert bitcoin to fiat and vice versa. Lamassu has been a great addition to the bitcoin ATM sector so far. Things have gotten a bit quiet around this company over the past few years, though. For now, Lamassu holds on to a market share of 19.57%.

1. Genesis Coin

When it comes to dominating the bitcoin ATM market, there is only one company that needs to be mentioned. Genesis Coin powers 44.4% of all bitcoin ATMs around the world. To put this into perspective, the company has manufactured and shipped nearly 500 bitcoin teller machines to date. It is evident they are the market leader, although more competition in this market would not be a bad thing by any means.

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