Top 6 Adult Websites Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Considering how the Internet is for porn, and Bitcoin is the internet of money, it is evident BTC and adult content mix well. Quite a few adult content platforms accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments, for obvious reasons. We have taken a look at some of the top platforms accepting Bitcoin to date, which can be found below. Do keep in mind there are a lot more adult content companies who accept Bitcoin, though.

6. Livejasmin

Everyone who has ever browsed the internet for adult content will have come across the Livejasmin platform. The company is famous for its live webcam stream of adult content, where users can pay to interact with the streamer. Over the past decade or so, Livejasmin has become a household name in the adult content industry. The company started accepting Bitcoin payments quite some time ago, and it appears they are doing quite well since making this switch.

5. Chaturbate

One of the many popular adult websites to accept Bitcoin payments goes by the name of Chaturbate. The platform has been around since 2011 and built up a solid reputation in the industry due to their live streams of erotic and pornographic performances. It is a platform where people can chat with others and have a good time, so to speak. User spend Bitcoin in the form of “tips” to make streamers perform specific actions. It has proven to be quite a popular business model to date, and that will not come to change anytime soon.

4. Xotika

When the Xotika platform launched, Bitcoin community members were quite impressed. It offers everything one would expect from an adult content platform, with a large focus on live interaction with streamers. Xotika started accepting cryptocurrency payments from day one and has quickly grown to become a big player in the cryptocurrency-adult content industry. Future improvements will be made to the platform over the coming years, as the company is only just getting started, by the look of things.

3. Playboy Plus

Although technically not your typical adult content website, Playboy Plus is quite popular among adult content enthusiasts. The company started accepting Bitcoin payments a few years ago, thanks to the integration of BitPay services. There are multiple membership plans to choose from, which include access to HD photos and videos. It is good to see such prominent companies pay attention to Bitcoin as well.


It is not entirely surprising to see accept Bitcoin payments. This adult content service provider feels Bitcoin has a bright future in the adult sector, thus accepting it as a payment for their premium service makes a lot of sense. Using Bitcoin as a payment method gives users access to unlimited HD streaming, no advertisements, and a very large DVD archive library. Considering how the platform offers a vast library of adult content, Bitcoin users have taken a liking to this platform for obvious reasons.

1. Naughty America

If there is one major pornographic video content creator everyone knows, it has to be Naughty America. This particular company has been around since 2001 and continues to bring quality adult content to the industry as a whole. Knowing such a major player in the industry accepts Bitcoin payments is quite significant, to say the least. Bitcoin and the adult industry create a very powerful mix, that much no one can deny.

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