Bitcoin Adult Platform Announces Full Launch

Bitcoin and the adult industry seem to go hand in hand these days, as it is one of the most convenient payment that will allow users to avoid embarrassing credit card statements. One of the biggest adult service to venture into the world of Bitcoin is, a platform that has been in beta stage for over half a year now. That beta will come to an end very soon, and the company plans to bring additional features to the table.

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TheMerkle_Bitcoin Adult

What makes the platform so appealing – other than the obvious – is how users can explore the platform without creating an account. This gives them a clear overview of what they can sign up for in the future and also showcases how no personal information is needed to use the platform. Without giving up that type of data, awkward conversations with a partner can easily be avoided.

Not accepting credit or debit card payments may seem ludicrous to some people, but it protects from any fraudulent attempts. Furthermore, processing card payment sis quite a hassle, which is not something any party wants to deal with. Bitcoin and supported altcoins can be spent freely by users from all over the world, and transactions will complete in mere seconds.

The people performing their actions in front of the camera have seen major improvements come to over the past few months. Anyone can create an own channel and start broadcasting whenever they feel like. Plus, they can immediately start collecting tips in Bitcoin and various altcoins. But that is not all, as performers can generate affiliate links on which they will earn commission for every referred user and performer.

As one would come to expect from the performers, they are all trained on the concept of digital currency. All of them are capable of setting up their own wallets and managing their funds. To some people, this may insignificant, but it goes to show there is a genuine interest in Bitcoin by performers in the adult sector.

Up until this point, has seen over 60,000 visitors, and 1,156 registered users. With 552 channels available, a total of 130.228 Bitcoin has been collected in tips. Keeping in mind how users spend 20 minutes on the platform on average, things are looking quite good for the company.

Future Plans Focus on Convenience And Choice

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Adult Future plans

But is not planning to rest on its laurels, as the company has announced several new features that will be coming to the platform over the next few weeks. The main goal of this platform is creating a tasteful experience for optimal immersion and entertainment, and these new features will play an important role in achieving that goal.

If all things go according to plan, will soon start offering a pay-as-you-wish schedule where users can put together their own lists of favorite channels. However, there are no plans to bring any advertisements to the platform, reducing the risk of user computers being infected with malware hidden inside the ads.

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