Top 50 Cryptocurrencies Explained in 50 Sentences

With the vast amount of new blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms out there it is easy to get overwhelmed when looking for a project to invest or get involved with. This article summarizes each of the top 50 cryptos, based on the ranking from coinmarketcap at the time of writing.

1. Bitcoin

The grandfather of crypto, secure decentralized transactions and store of value.

2. Ethereum

Number one smart contracts and token platform, leader in providing a robust platform for decentralized app development.

3. Ripple

Fast and secure transactions, similar to Bitcoin but targeted towards financial institutions.

4. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin fork that provides cheaper transactions and a more open development process.

5. Cardano

Established by a co-founder of Ethereum, Smart contracts platform, the “Ethereum of Japan.”

6. Litecoin

What Silver is to Gold, Litecoin is to Bitcoin.

7. NEM

World’s first “Smart Asset” blockchain.

8. Stellar

Just like Ripple, caters more towards end users rather than financial institutions.


No mining, no blocks, no transaction fees, limitless nano payments.

10. DASH

Digital Cash, private transactions via masternodes, quick confirmation times and low fees.

11. NEO

Smart contracts ecosystem similar to Ethereum, goal is to be a platform for a new smart economy, China’s largest cryptocurrency.

12. TRON

ERC20 token, goal is to be a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform.

13. Monero

Number one currency for anonymous transactions.

14. EOS

Smart contracts platform similar to Ethereum, but with performance and scalability benefits.

15. ICON

Wants to “Hyperconnect the World” by building one of the largest decentralized global networks.

16. Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin fork that uses a new POW algorithm and faster block difficulty adjustment, ultimately allowing for GPU mining.

17. Qtum

Singapore-based Ethereum and Bitcoin hybrid.

18. RaiBlocks

Focuses on scaling and zero fee transactions.

19. Ethereum Classic

Ethereum fork that didn’t revert the hacked DAO funds.

20. Lisk

Smart contracts platform similar to Ethereum but based on Javascript.

21. Verge

Just like Bitcoin, but faster transactions with tor integration.

22. OmiseGO

ERC20 token, extention of the company OMISE – payment processor in Asia.

23. Siacoin

Distributed cloud storage platform

24. BitConnect

Branded a Ponzi scheme by regulators and investors, allows for lending of Bitcoin using their platform.

25. ZCash

Privacy centric cryptocurrency similar to Monero but with a different protocol.

26. Bytecoin

Just like Bitcoin but with faster transactions and a different POW algorithm

27. Populous


Ethereum based platform designed for invoice and trade finance.

28. Stratis

BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), allows companies to create their own private blockchains and applications to run on those ledgers.

29. Binance Coin

ERC20 token issued by the Binance exchange, allows users to pay lower trading fees using the coin, is a way to “invest” in the exchange.

30. Bitshares

A decentralized exchange and a platform for Smartcoins – coins like bitUSD, bitGOLD, bitCNY – which are “pegged” to the value of their counterparts.

31. Ardor

A blockchain platform that will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of Nxt through the use of child chains.

32. KuCoin Shares

Just like Binance Coin but for the KuCoin exchange.

33. Tether

A cryptocurrency that represents fiat currencies, each tether is backed by $1 USD, essentially “pegging” each tether to $1.

34. Dogecoin

Such DOGE much WOW very MEME

35. Status

An open source messaging platform and mobile interface to interact with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum Network.

36. Dentacoin

ERC20 token, whose goal is to be used in the global dentistry in order to reduce costs, improve dental care, and create a community.

37. Steem

The currency for the Steemit platform – an incentivized blockchain social media platform, get paid to post content.

38. VeChain

Blockchain based platform that provides retailers and consumers with the ability to determine the quality and authenticity of products that are bought.

39. Waves

Blockchain based platform that allows users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens, can also exchange these tokens on the P2P exchange built into the wallet.

40. Dragonchain

Private / public hybrid blockchain with levels of trust, developed in Disney’s office in seattle, currency is called Dragons and is an ERC20 token.

41. WAX

Short for Worldwide Asset Exchange, token is used as a payment method on the marketplace OPSkins, which allows anyone to list their own virtual goods like CS:Go skins, CryptoKitties and much more.

42. DigiByte

Just like Bitcoin, except faster transactions, less fees, and a different POW algorithm.

43. Veritaseum

A P2P platform similar to WAX and Bitshares, a token rental facility, a vehicle for conducting peer-to-peer, over-the-counter token transactions.

44. 0x

Pronounced “zero-x”, is an open, permissionless protocol (P2P exchange) allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

45. Augur

A decentralized prediction market built on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing you to forecast events and be rewarded for predicting them correctly.

46. Ark

An ecosystem that allows users to build their own blockchains from Ark’s, has a feature called SmartBridges which allows the “bridging” of multiple blockchains.

47. Dent


Backed by DENT Wireless Limited, allows anyone to buy, sell, or donate data using the Ethereum blockchain.

48. Komodo

A hybrid between Bitcoin Dark and ZCash, featuring a dPOW (delayed proof of work) protocol.

49. Hshare

A token for HCash, a cryptocurrency designed to transfer value between blockchains, allows for private transactions, DAO governance and quantum resistance.

50. Golem

A global, open source, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access.