Top 5 Metaverse Coins With a Circulating Supply of Under 10 Million

Metaverse coins have seen significant price increases in 2021, with some like Decentraland and The Sandbox seeing close to 100X gains. Some investors prefer coins with low circulating supplies because that means the unit price of each currency is usually higher. This article lists the top five Metaverse coins with a circulating supply of under 10 million, ordered by current supply, highest to lowest.

  • Circulating Supply: 9.5m
  • Market Cap: $316m

RMRK  describes itself as a collection of NFT legos that enable creators to build a system of arbitrary complexity. It’s a multi-chain blockchain that allows artists to customize their NFTs with relative ease.

RMRK is hosted on the Kusama blockchain, a scalable network of specialized blockchains built using Substrate.

At the time of writing, RMRK is trading at $33.31, with a 24-hour volume of $3 million. Its market cap is $316 million, with a circulating supply of 9.5 million tokens.

You can purchase RMRK on KuCoin or Gate.io.

4. Defina Finance (FINA)
  • Circulating Supply: 7.5m
  • Market Cap: $12.9m

Launched in October 2021, Defina Finance is a play-to-earn blockchain-based NFT game built on the Binance Smart Chain. The game revolves around crafting and training NFT heroes on the platform and assembling a team to battle other players in an arena.

Players are rewarded via FINA tokens, which are BEP-20 coins and are the native currency on the platform. Defina Finance is a community-focused project with a mission to bring blockchain gaming to millions of players.

Users can currently download the game and check it out for themselves. The game is available on Windows, Mac, and Android. It’s currently not available for iPhones.

Check out this demo video for Defina Finance:

FINA is trading at $1.72 with a 24-hour volume of $2.9 million at writing. Its market cap is $12.9 million, with a circulating supply of 7.5 million tokens.

You can purchase FINA on PancakeSwap, LBank, MEXC, Bitrue, and more.

3. Legend of Fantasy War (LFW)
  • Circulating Supply: 7.2m
  • Market Cap: $6m

Scheduled to release on January 4th, 2022, Legend of Fantasy War is a 3D play-to-earn blockchain-based game built on the Binance Smart Chain. LFW will feature NFT characters that players can assemble into an army and fight in PVP battles.

In addition, the upcoming LFW marketplace will allow users to trade, buy, and lend necessary equipment and NFT characters between each other.

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Legend of Fantasy War has a dApp that users can now use to stake LFW. While the Gem Shop and Marketplace are still under development, it’s clear that LFW has tons of potential with a relatively low market cap of only $6 million.

At writing, LFW is trading at $0.83, with a 24-hour volume of $556k. Its market cap is $6 million, with a circulating supply of 7.2 million tokens.

You can purchase LFW on PancakeSwap, Gate.io, Bybit, Hoo, BitMart, and ZT.

2. Polychain Monsters (PMON)
  • Circulating Supply: 3.4m
  • Market Cap: $23m

As the name suggests, Polychain Monsters are a cross-chain digital collectible ecosystem focusing on mainstream appeal. Polymons are animated NFTs similar to Pokemon, unpacked from booster packs.

Each Polymon comes with a variety of different traits and rarities. Users can also stake their NFTs and farm PMON tokens as rewards.

Currently, users can connect to their dApp and add PMON tokens to their dashboard. Users can then open booster packs that include 3 Polychain Monsters. Each booster pack costs 1 PMON, trading at $6.89 at writing.

PMON has a 24-hour trading volume of $1.1 million with a market cap of $23 million. Its circulating supply is 3.4 million tokens.

You can purchase PMON on KuCoin, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Sushiswap (Polygon), QuickSwap, and more.

1. Illuvium (ILV)
  • Circulating Supply: 642k
  • Market Cap: $707m

The project with the lowest circulating supply on this list is Illuvium, an open-world RPG adventure game built on Ethereum. The Illuvium Metaverse contains deity-like creatures called Illuvials, which players can discover and collect. There are over 100 Illuvials that populate the alien world, each possessing different attributes and classes.

The beta version is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of this year, when players can experience the Illuvium Metaverse for themselves.

At the time of writing, Illuvium is trading at $1,104, with a 24-hour trading volume of $49 million. Its market cap is $707 million, with a circulating supply of 642k ILV.

You can purchase ILV on most major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, Crypto.com, Poloniex, Sushiswap, OKEx, and more.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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