Top 5 Fun Mobile Bitcoin Apps Worth Checking Out

Slowly but surely, bitcoin is starting to gain ground in the mobile apps department. There is a growing number of bitcoin-related games in all of the major app stores right now, which helps put cryptocurrency into the hands of most people with relative ease. Below is a short list of mobile applications well worth checking out. We can only hope to see more apps gain traction over time.

5. BitBuds

It has to be said, BitBuds is a rather different mobile bitcoin-related app from what most people would expect. The objective is to create communities for bitcoin and Ethereum enthusiasts all over the world. It is evident this app is designed to create a discussion-based ecosystem, which also makes it somewhat of an educational tool. After all, once one acquires bitcoin, the next step is figuring out what it will be used for.

4. Gliph

Available for both iOS and Android, Gliph has quite a lot of potential. The developers launched this app as a way to provide a mobile bitcoin marketplace. Users can buy and sell goods and services without having to rely on a centralized service. As one would expect, Gliph also has a payment feature that allows for users to complete their transactions from within the app itself.

3. Cryptocoin Drop

For the people who like playing around with physical representations of cryptocurrency, Cryptocoin Drop is a game well worth checking out. Similar to coin dozers found at the fair or carnival, Cryptocoin Drop requires a bit of experience, skill, and timing. Showing more coins off the board and into your “bucket” will allow users to score more points. It also represents a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

2. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire can be played by tapping on the screen. As users earn profits by tapping, they can upgrade their mining operations and earn new achievements. It is a great way to learn a thing or two about mining bitcoin, albeit it is more about having fun and racking up the achievements. Quite a competitive and addictive game that deserves some more attention.

1. Bitcoin Aliens Apps

The people running the Bitcoin Aliens faucet have created a handful of different applications that are all worth checking out. The Alien Run game revolves around making your character run as far as possible while picking up powers along the way. There is also a Blockchain Game, which requires players to build the longest blockchain they can. More blocks mean higher rewards and higher real bitcoin payouts.

Additionally, the Abundance app is quite interesting. It is a “money mindset” application that allows users to earn money by reading motivational quotes related to finance. Last but not least, there is the Free Bitcoin app, which is the mobile version of the faucet itself. Users can earn up to 250,000 Satoshi per claim every hour, making it one of the highest-paying bitcoin faucets in the world today.

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