MillionEther Smart Contract can Change the World of Advertising for Good

The way people think about advertising is slowly changing into new and unprecedented business models. The Million Ether Homepage is a decentralized advertising platform which ensures all income is shared between referrals. By making use of smart contracts, there’s no need for parties to agree on┬áspecific terms manually. As more pixels are sold, the advertising price per pixel continues to increase.

A Decentralized Spin on The Million Dollar Homepage

A total of 1 million pixels – hence the platform’s name – are available for purchase. Advertisers can buy as much or as little ad space as they need, with the price per pixel starting at 0.01 ETH. Early birds may want to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible, as prices will go up as more pixels are sold. Everyone will own their purchased pixels for life unless they are sold in the meantime.

What makes this platform rather unique, is how all of the income generated is shared between referrals and charitable organizations. No one single entity owns the money generated by this platform, as everything is taken care of through smart contracts running on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Users are welcome to buy, sell, and use the purchased pixels as they see fit.

Speaking of which, instead of advertising, pixel “owners” can set their own prices if they are looking to resell their spots. As more advertising space is sold, the demand for pixels may continue to go up. That would be an opportune time to sell some remaining pixels, and eventually make a profit while doing so. This platform creates quite an attractive investment model that embraces decentralized technology at every turn.

It is important to note the smart contract uses six handshakes to transfer funds. This is done to ensure everyone gets their fair rewards, rather than create a traditional “affiliate program.” Shorter payout chains will result in a larger portion of the reward going to a charitable organization. Additionally, the price per pixels will automatically double for every 100,000 pixels sold through the platform.

Moreover, The Million Ether Homepage allows for third party applications. The MillionEther smart contract, which powers the platform, can be used for many different purposes, and a feature-rich API has been made available for everyone to use. It is also worth seeking out the accommodating white paper, as it explains the project in more detail.

Initiatives like this show the world why decentralized technology matters, and how it can create new opportunities. Although it remains to be seen how successful the Million Ether Homepage will be, the underpinning smart contract creates a lot of new possibilities for decentralized technology. Moreover, it removes the need for oversight, as everything is taken care of automatically.

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