Top 5 Cool IoT Devices

The Internet of Things is a world where innovation and creativity take center stage. So far, companies and entrepreneur have come up with some very intriguing concepts over the past few years. More innovative concepts will be unleashed upon the world in the coming years, that much is obvious. Below is a brief list of some intriguing IoT projects worth taking note of.

5. Smart Minivan

Electronics and other forms of technology are slowly making their way into cars and other vehicles people commonly use. Volkswagen took this concept to a whole new level by introducing their Smart Minivan, which was introduced during CES 2016. Users can rely on gestures and verbal commands, as well as interact with connected home devices. Charging this electric vehicle takes all but fifteen minutes. It is expected the BUDD-e minivan will become commercially available by 2020.

4. Sleep Number It Bed

A rather unusual name for a product that will have a big impact on people’s health over the next few years. This “smart bed” will collect user sleeping data through its IoT sensor. Moreover, it will record heart rate, breathing, and even track movements. Through the mobile companion app, users will gain valuable insights into their sleeping habits. Moreover, the bed can interact with cloud-based services and smart devices in the rest of the house.

3. LG’s Signature Fridge

It is only a matter of time until internet-connected refrigerators and other home appliances find their way into our homes. LG is betting big on their Signature Refrigerator, which includes a panel on the right-hand side where users can look in the fridge without opening its doors. An intriguing idea that will gain mainstream traction over the next few years with relative ease. Moreover, the built-in sensors will ensure the fridge’s doors open automatically once a user approaches the machine.

2. Smart Locks

Quite a few different vendors are working on IoT-enabled smart locks. August is an intriguing company to keep an eye on, as they are working on a slightly different model. Its devices are capable of letting trusted parties in without ever needing a key.  Additionally, they can be programmed to let friends into your home while you are not home. The real kicker is how they allow people to answer the doorbell even when sitting in a completely different room.

August is not the only company working on smart locks, though. Various enterprises use a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for their smart locks. However, integrating these products into other existing smart home kits will be quite difficult. That is one of the reasons why August stands out, as their products are compatible with all of the major smart home kits available to the world today. Moreover, their solution can be accessed through an app or the browser, which makes it somewhat more appealing than the rest.

1. The Intelligent Oven

IoT home appliances come in many different forms, that much is certain. June is a company building an intelligent oven. While this looks like any other toaster oven available for purchase today, it is capable of doing all types of cooking. The built-in sensors will analyze the ingredients put in by the user and determine how to correctly to cook it. Moreover, users can see the entire cooking process through a live stream on their mobile device or computer. Quite a convenient device with lots of potential.

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