Samsung Indefinitely Halts Global Production of Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 line produced by Samsung has gone through its series of major issues so far. The first batches of devices are subject to imploding batteries and need to be replaced. However, replacement devices are not safe from harm either. To investigate the matter thoroughly, Samsung has halted the production of all Galaxy Note 7 units indefinitely.

What Is Going On With Samsung’s Production?

It is very uncommon for an electronics giant to suffer from so many problems when a new product launches. Having smartphones subject to batteries imploding or catching fire is never positive. For Samsung, these ongoing issues have forced them to halt production of the Galaxy Note 7 altogether.

Although this only seems to be a temporary halt in production, Samsung has yet to officially comment on the situation. After sitting down with government officials in South Korea, both parties agreed that this is the best course of action for now. Production in the US is halted as well until these matters are resolved correctly.

So far, there have been several incidents involving swapped Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices which still caught fire. Although Samsung is investigating these issues, things are not looking good at all. Some of the major US telco providers will not be offering this device model to their users until the issues have been addressed. Customers who already own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can exchange these devices for any other phone they want within the same price range.

Keeping in mind how the Note 7 still has to be deployed to most countries, all eyes will be on the Benelux for now. As of today these devices are being shipped to customers and sold in-store. Since there is no apparent correlation between exploding batteries and the pre-ordered devices, these shipments will go ahead as planned.

It is safe to assume that a lot of people will be keeping an eye out for any problems with the Note 7 in Europe. Consumers who would be affected by device issues could take Samsung to court over it, and would, in most cases, win the legal battle as well. For now it remains to be seen if any more issues arise and, if so, what the reason is for the failing hardware.

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