Top 4 Mobile Shopping Apps Everyone Can Use

With the Christmas holidays upon us, it is due time for shoppers to start looking for some last-minute bargains. Doing so can be done in multiple ways, albeit using mobile applications is becoming a lot more popular as of late. Several apps will help people save money and improve their overall shopping experience. Do keep in mind that not all of these applications will work for a global audience, though.

#4 Amazon Mobile

Perhaps one of the most obvious choices is to use the mobile Amazon application. Even though Amazon does not have a native website for most countries in the world, the vast majority of their products is shipped worldwide. This makes it a lot easier to focus on just one Amazon site hosted in a  country on the same continent as the buyer.

Additionally, Amazon is well known for their last-minute shopping deals, regardless of which holiday it is. Now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are almost upon us, the Company has been discounting thousand of items every single day.  Some good bargains can be found through their app, and they should be able to ship most items anywhere in the world.

#3 Slice

The way Slice works is very different from most applications that one would expect to be on this list, as it does not offer shopping discounts. Instead, it is a powerful tool that can help people track shipments. With these hectic days for postal offices and couriers ahead, knowing which package is where at what time is a top priority for a lot of shoppers.

But what makes this app so powerful is how the application will sync with one’s email accounts and monitor tracking information around the clock. An added feature is how the app will also show price drop alerts, although it is not as extensive as a full-fledged shopping app. But still, it is a free application that can serve a purpose for people who are frantically buying goods before the holidays.

#2 Pepper

Rather than relying on deals from one platform, the Pepper app uses the wisdom of the crowd. Localized applications are available for every continent, and deals are updated several times throughout the day. For a lot of people who scour the web for deals, this can help them bag some nice discounts. Even outside of the holiday season, Pepper is a good source for shopping discounts.

#1 RetailMeNot

Everyone in the world will have heard the name RetailMeNot before. This powerful platform brings sales from all over the world together in one convenient offering and ensures that users will never miss a sale again. It also offers a map to find brick-and-mortar locations with deals close to where the user is at any given time.

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