Top 4 Gaming-Related Platforms Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Many gaming-related platforms have started to accept Bitcoin payment in recent times. In doing so, they make it more convenient for cryptocurrency users and gamers all over the world to satisfy their needs with ease. This is a positive development, and it is expected  that even more companies will embrace cryptocurrency payments in the coming years.

#4 Play-Asia

One of the latest additions to the growing list of retailers accepting Bitcoin payments is Play-Asia. This website specializes in physical video games, apparel, and memorabilia. We recently discussed what this site has to offer in a separate article. Another retailer with such a  global presence is a more than valuable addition to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

When people talk about gaming, the conversation will eventually turn toward the Steam platform. Even though console gamers may disagree (and this is understandable), PC gaming remains the market leader for the time being. Steam is the go-to marketplace to buy video games and gift cd keys to other people.

#3 Kinguin

For people who are not too fond of the Steam platform, or just look elsewhere to buy video game keys and prepaid game cards, Kinguin has you covered. The Kinguin platform started experimenting with Bitcoin payments some time ago and opened up the payment method to both buyers and sellers around the world. The checkout process is very smooth, and cd keys are delivered very quickly–all in all, a very pleasant experience that most gamers will thoroughly enjoy.

#2 G2A

Kinguin is not the only company of its kind to experiment with cryptocurrency as of late, though. G2A, one of their primary competitors, enabled Bitcoin transactions at roughly the same time as the site with the cuddly penguin logo. With an extensive offering of games, cd keys, and other video game-related digital items, G2A is definitely worth checking out for Bitcoin users.

#1 Steam

More importantly, Steam has officially integrated Bitcoin payment support through BitPay earlier this year. This is a major boon for cryptocurrency, as it shows that Steam’s parent company, Valve, sees merit in Bitcoin. For now, it remains unclear how popular the Bitcoin payment option on Steam is, though. Users looking to sell collected in-game items can do so in exchange for Bitcoin as well, which is a nice bonus.

It is evident that there is a healthy correlation between video games and Bitcoin. Both “industries” seem to attract a similar crowd, yet they are also approachable by people who have no specific affinity with either. People who like gaming and do not want to rely on traditional payment options find a home in Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who like to play a new game can find it on any of the aforementioned platforms with ease.

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