Online Outlet Play-Asia Starts Accepting Bitcoin Payments

A new exciting development has taken place in the Bitcoin space. Asian merchants are growing keen on using cryptocurrency, and Play-Asia announced that they are now accepting Bitcoin payments storewide. This is another use case for Bitcoin users who want to buy tangible or digital items with cryptocurrency. All payments are secured through BitPay.

Play-Asia Embraces Bitcoin As A Global Payment Method

Geeks and gaming enthusiasts will know the name Play-Asia, as this online web shop has been around for quite some time now. The vast majority of their products revolve around Asian games and themes, including figurines, memorabilia, and other items. But they have also ventured into the PC component and electronics sectors over time, making it a one-stop shop.

With the acceptance of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have virtually everything gaming-related at their disposal, regardless of their location. PSN and Xbox game cards, Steam codes, and even controllers are all available at Play-Asia. Moreover, their list of toys and collectibles continues to grow month by month.

It is telling to see shops like these accept Bitcoin payments. Play-Asia presents itself as an online gateway between the rest of the world and Asian gaming culture. To do so, they must accept global payment methods, of which there are very few right now. Bitcoin is a perfect fit, as it makes sense to accept a frictionless and cheaper form of payment.

One thing customers need to keep in mind is how some of the store’s offerings have region restrictions. DVD and Bluray players may only read discs from a particular area, although the shop usually has models for every region available. Moreover, they offer online game codes for every area as well, which is of particular importance when dealing with the PSN or XBLA stores.

It is evident that Bitcoin benefits from additional use cases, as consumers are more than willing to spend cryptocurrency on items or services they need. While most people stockpile Bitcoin as an investment or to hedge against future volatility, spending the currency should not be overlooked. After all, the list of merchants accepting BTC payments continues to increase.

Granted, one could argue that Play-Asia is targeting a very specific niche market, as they are mostly video game-oriented, but their growing selection of goods offers something for virtually everyone. Moreover, their prices are fair, and they have most items in stock and ready to be shipped. This is an exciting development, that much is certain.

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