Top 4 Altcoins Supported by Cryptocurrency ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs have been a valuable addition to the whole ecosystem. Even though they are still only found in specific locations, their presence is growing every single month. It also appears these ATMs are no longer being used to just buy and sell Bitcoin these days. Below are four altcoins which are supported by some Bitcoin ATMs around the world.

4. Dogecoin

Although Dogecoin is often considered to be the meme of cryptocurrency, demand for this particular coin is a lot stronger than most people give it credit for. In fact, Dogecoin has seen its spurts of popularity over the past few years, which is now translating into some minor success in the cryptocurrency ATM market.

Even though there were far more Bitcoin ATMs installed by the end of June compared to the beginning of the month, additional machines provide Dogecoin support. Only five ATM support Dogecoin currently. But it is one of the only four altcoin found on cryptocurrency ATMs. This makes Dogecoin part of an elite club, in a way.

3. Dash

One would not expect Dash to be supported by so few cryptocurrency ATMs, but that is the case. There are now seven different ATMs around the world supporting DASH. That is still a relatively small number, but it is a 40% increase compared to June 1st. It is good to see altcoins gain some support from ATM manufacturers and operators.

2. Ethereum

Despite its popularity among traders, Ethereum is not that popular in cryptocurrency ATMs. Even though there are now 13 machines supporting ETH -up from 9- there is still a very long way to go. It remains unclear how popular ETH is when it comes to cryptocurrency ATMs in general. With the number of cryptocurrency ATMs supporting Ether going up, interesting things are bound to happen.

1. Litecoin

Litecoin is the most commonly supported altcoin across cryptocurrency ATMs. Litecoin has always complemented Bitcoin, thus it makes sense it gets more support than all of the other currencies combined. With the number of LTC-capable ATMs going from 36 to 91 in June, good things are on the horizon.

It is possible this sudden spike in support has something to do with Litecoin’s price increase. Even though that rise is far less spectacular compared to Ethereum, it also seems to hold its own quite well. More attention for Litecoin is never a bad thing in anyone’s book and it is a very popular cryptocurrency these days. It will be interesting to see how these rankings look in a few months from now.