Legends Never Die: The Revival of Dogecoin

The recent bullish market across most of -if not all- the cryptocurrencies has been the delight of many traders, users, and hodlers. This jump in cryptocurrency values has reinvigorated many various altcoin communities, and I am happy to see that one of my all time favorites is challenging its previous activity levels. That’s right, I’m talking about the fun and friendly internet currency: Dogecoin.

You can teach an old Doge new tricks

Alright, so I admit that Dogecoin is not really “old” when compared to Bitcoin or fiat currencies, but there are definitely new things on the horizons for Dogecoin.

For one thing, various trading and lending platforms are considering Doge to be added to their supported coins for the first time in a while. YourBTCC is just one of these, and they have been running polls over Twitter and Doge has been holding its own against some other rather large contenders.

We also need to consider the greater value of Dogecoin’s Developers fund. Because of Dogecoin’s impressive climb in the market recently, the developers fund that was largely unallocated since there was no clear roadmap now offers the potential for new things to be coming to the coin.

Jackson Palmer -creator of Dogecoin- even asked on the Dogecoin Subreddit recently what the members of the community were looking for in a roadmap for the coin. While I think that the three suggestions he made may be a bit superfluous -Doge is already fast, cheap, and stable-, the fact that Palmer and other developers are interested in implementing new things is refreshing and exciting for the coin.

Such defiant, so resilience, wow

The fact that I can be writing articles about Dogecoin not only staying relevant but also increasing its presence is nothing short of amazing for me. Many of the new and returning users on the dogecoin subreddit are there because of the price, but they are staying because it has become a fun and active page again.

For example, at the time of writing this article, there nearly 400 users on the subreddit. Four Hundred. This is an astonishingly high number compared to even just a month or so ago, since the community usually had closer to 20 users at any given point. And it is not like these are just lurkers, the first few pages of the subreddit are all new posts about the coin, hype posts, questions, the aforementioned development and adoption prospects. Dogecoin is alive again, and it feels so good.

I am impressed even further by this in wake of the dogetipbot shutdown that shook the community before. I worried that this would severely hinder the ability to have the community grow and maintain itself through reciprocity. Afterall, this immediately hurt a very easy way to tip someone. But I was happy to be shown that this was not going to stop Shibies from tipping one another.

Giveaways with addresses and QR codes happen frequently still, and the community is still working hard on coming up with a new solution to tipbot. Everyone still wants to tip one another, and shibies seem to be finding ways to do that.

In light of a stretch of inactivity, a tipbot exploding, and a soaring price, Dogecoin has maintained its fun and friendly nature. I truly hope that the price stabilizes higher than where it was prior to the take off. I want to see Dogecoin on the Moon, after all.

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