Top 3 New Joke Coins

Led by Dogecoin, joke currencies play an integral role in the culture and lighthearted spirit of the general cryptocurrency community. While much of the focus lies on the revolutionary technologies utilized by new and powerhouse cryptocurrencies alike, speculators have still placed value on the fun and social nature of currencies ranging from Rare Pepes to CryptoKitties. While the focus on such projects has certainly waned with 2017’s proliferation of cryptocurrency, there are still developers and communities working to promote joke currencies throughout the space. Here are three of the best new joke coins to play around with.

1. Banano Coin

Banano Coin (BAN) is a recent Nano fork, first conceived in February of this year, with a suitable mainnet launch of April 1. With close to 10,000 members in its official Discord chat, Banano is deeply reminiscent of altcoin communities in the 2013-2015 era – there’s lots of tipping and a general spirit of spreading the love. BAN was first distributed as bounties to testnet users and airdropped to Nano holders on April 8. In a similar spirit as Nano, BAN has since been distributed completely via faucets and giveaways.

As it stands now, supporters can earn and win BAN through a variety of giveaways and other opportunities on the Discord channel. Additionally, there is a game, Banano Runner, in which high scorers can win serious Banano. The game is playable on PCs, Macs, Linux, and Android. Of course, as Banano Coin is a fork of Nano, it similarly benefits from lightning speeds, and even excels in its utilization of bananas and monkeys. The next planned development is a feature allowing users to use their public keys to generate unique monkeys, appropriately named monKeys.

2. WednesdayCoin

WednesdayCoin is a community-run Ether token governed by a single rule: Wednesday is the best day of the week. Governed by Ethereum smart contracts, WednesdayCoin is unique in that it can only be transacted one day out of the week (guess which one). On every day of the week that isn’t Wednesday, all balances are frozen. WednesdayCoin can be acquired via a faucet, lottery, sweepstakes, and casino game. Of course, all of that is only operational on Wednesdays.

Additionally, the coin’s subreddit hosts a weekly marketplace every Wednesday where users can trade their WednesdayCoin for goods and services – but just on Wednesday. In the future, developments may include a gamified faucet, chat app, or video streaming app. Of course, all of this will similarly just be accessible on Wednesdays. While this idea is certainly more of a gimmick than anything, WednesdayCoin is also being advertised as a useful educational tool for teaching beginners and inexperienced users in the space about smart contracts.

3. Rat Poison Squared Coin

Announced just days ago, Rat Poison Squared Coin is the newest joke coin in the crypto space. Of course, this cryptocurrency represents a mockery of Warren Buffett’s statement earlier this month, in which he equated Bitcoin to “rat poison squared”. Rat Poison Squared Coin was launched by decentralized marketplace Ecoinmerce is currently preparing for its ICO, and the ECN tokens sold will be used to trade real products and virtual assets, tip users, and crowdfund ICOs directly on the platform.

Users that sign up for Ecoinmerce mailings will be able to enjoy Rat Poison Squared Coin. When the airdrop occurs, the first 1,000 visitors will receive 1,000 Rat Poison Squared Coins each, and the next 10,000 will be rewarded with 300 each. This coin launched days after the launch of the Rat Poison Squared clothing line, which saw huge support from community members out of hilarity and spite for Buffett. It’ll be interesting to see what plans Ecoinmerce has for its new token in the near future.