Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Gaining the Most Price Today (HIGH, PYR, XDOGE)

With crypto markets rebounding today, most Metaverse crypto coins see significant price gains. This article looks at the top three Metaverse crypto coins gaining the most price today, ordered by 24-hour price gain, lowest to highest.

3. ClassicDoge (XDOGE) +18%

Launched in November 2021, ClassicDoge is a Metaverse crypto coin for pet lovers. XDOGE lets users create ultra-realistic 3D NFTs of their favorite pets and use them across their VR and social media platforms.

ClassicDoge has been performing exceptionally well this week, rising over 135% in the past seven days. One of the reasons for the price hike is most likely the unique idea of the project. Combining pets with NFTs and the Metaverse is a perfect mix of current crypto trends.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a Minimum Viable Product for XDOGE. In addition, looking at the contract address, one address holds 50% of the supply of the token, which is quite concerning. On the bright side, the bullish momentum is likely due to the general hype and FOMO surrounding this token, along with an announcement made on Twitter today about an upcoming exchange listing:

ClassicDoge features their XDOGE BEP-20 token used as the native utility asset on the platform.

You can purchase XDOGE on PancakeSwap.

2. Vulcan Forged (PYR) +25%

Launched in April 2021, Vulcan Forged is a Metaverse ecosystem featuring an NFT marketplace and a blockchain game built on Polygon’s MATIC network.

The native token to the platform is PYR and is used as the primary utility asset for transactions on Vulcan Forged. At this time, Vulca Forged features several games users can check out. The games include VulcanVerse, Berserk, Coddle Pets, Battle Chess, Block Babies, and more.

Vulcan Forged also features several dApps in their ecosystem, including a decentralized exchange enabling users to swap, stake, and earn tokens. In addition, Vulcan Forged features the NFT marketplace and My Forge, a dashboard to help users manage various assets and track their earnings.

Vulcan Forged continues to build on its ecosystem, offering plenty of incentives for investors to hold PYR tokens. The most recent update enables users to earn over 144% APY by staking their PYR on the ETH chain. In addition, VulcanVerse plots of Land went on sale recently, with a starting bid of 400 PYR (roughly $4.4k at the time of writing).


You can purchase PYR on Binance, KuCoin, and more.

1. Highstreet (HIGH) +33%

Launched in October 2021, Highstreet is an MMORPG Metaverse crypto game built natively with Unity. Highstreet provides genuine products with additional utilities by turning them into in-game items.

Highstreet’s ecosystem features a dual-token economy consisting of STREET and HIGH tokens. STREET tokens are the main asset used for various play-to-earn aspects of the Metaverse. HIGH tokens are the platform’s governance tokens that enable holders to shape the future of the Highstreet project.

Highstreet’s Metaverse is currently in development. However, users can join the community and sign up for the alpha launch later this year.

Check out a preview of the upcoming Highstreet Metaverse here:


Even though the game is still in development, users can check out the Highstreet NFT Marketplace featuring two collections at this time.

The collections are called NFT NEKO x White Coffee Cat Rug, priced at $389, and FOMO’s Secret, costing roughly $5k. The NFTs aren’t cheap by any means, which speaks to the high demand for the collection before the game’s release.

In addition, users can start staking HIGH tokens on the Highstreet market and earn rewards. Currently, users can receive an APR between 36%-72% for staking HIGH tokens and an APY of 439%-877% for staking Uniswap Liquidity tokens.

You can purchase HIGH tokens on Uniswap, Binance, PancakeSwap, and more.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.

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