Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Subreddits

Considering that Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world, it is no surprise that many cryptocurrency communities reside and thrive there. Each of them have their own subreddit, some of them even have more than one. Here are ten of the most popular cryptocurrency subreddits ranked by their number of subscribers.

1. /r/Bitcoin – 254,076 Subscribers

This is the most popular cryptocurrency subreddit and for good reason. It is a place where many bitcoin enthusiasts, miners, traders, and newcomers all come together and discuss Bitcoin related matters. Often you find it features articles about popular Bitcoin news and technical discussion regarding the asset’s future.

2. r/DarkNetMarkets – 142,978 Subscribers

While we at The Merkle do not promote any illegal activity, but one cannot ignore the second largest cryptocurrency subreddit. This sub is dedicated to discussion anything and everything related to darknet markets. On any given day you might find posts about someone getting busted for ordering drugs online, complaints about various markets, and even discussions relating to placing orders.

3.  /r/Ethereum – 83,945 Subscribers

Ethereum has been making waves throughout the cryptocurrency markets and communities, and its subreddit is proud of this. It is extremely active, especially in light of the price surges and declines recently. Tweets, news, and text posts are all commonly seen here, many of which focus on Ethereum potentially taking Bitcoin’s crown one day.

4. /r/Dogecoin – 77,685 Subscribers

Dogecoin is currently going through a period of intense revival. The coin itself has seen an impressive pump in value, and the subreddit is teeming with life now. This fun loving and easy going community has silly and serious posts alike and is always friendly. They often tip one another with their new tipbot and encourage everyone to participate. Much wow, very tip!

5. /r/Cryptocurrency – 67,386 Subscribers

This subreddit is kind of a catch all for anything cryptocurrency related. Unlike many subreddits which have rules barring discussion of other coins, /r/cryptocurrency welcomes any thoughts and quality posts.

6. /r/btc – 43,228 Subscribers

This is the second most popular bitcoin subreddit. It was created after some members of /r/bitcoin felt they were being censored and moved their discussions elsewhere. This subreddit advocates for free and open discussion about Bitcoin above all else.

7. /r/Litecoin – 38,245 Subscribers

Litecoin’s performance this past year has been truly staggering, and part of this is due to its community’s ability to coordinate well. This subreddit discusses all things Litecoin and also has a running tipbot. It is fairly active and welcoming to members of any discussion.

8. r/BitcoinMarkets – 36,401 Subscribers

As you might have guessed by its name, this subreddit tailors to Bitcoin traders looking for discussion about the cryptocurrency’s price movement. It features daily price discussions where people speculate about the market. The rest of the sub is usually focused around exchanges and sometimes includes info about altcoins.

9. /r/Reddcoin – 23,803 Subscribers

The most recent cryptocurreny wave has benefited many coins, and Reddcoin is no exception. This subreddit is all about the social currency and lives up to its principals of trying to make digital currencies easy and fun for everyone to use.

10. /r/Ripple – 14,520 Subscribers

Ripple has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and this is reflected in its subreddit. The sub has daily discussion threads to keep its subscribers engaged and also has a steady stream of new posts.

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