Dogecoin’s New Tipping Bot is Here!

Good News! Dogecoin’s incredibly active reddit community has gotten a new tip bot in place for tipping shibes on reddit. It is called “sodogetip,” and it is a very nice replacement to the previous “dogetipbot” that many were familiar with.

The need for a new tipbot

Recent price surges in Dogecoin have brought many old shibes back to the coin and the community. Many of them were unaware of the dogetipbot’s retirement after its creator had cashed out the cold wallet and began bankruptcy filing proceedings. This was met with frustration, pity, and overall sadness by the community. I personally lamented this, not because of the 200 doge I lost, but because I worried that without a convenient way to tip people the community’s growth might stagnate. Reciprocity, after all, is the key for growing communities.

While the community still held on chain giveaways, the need for a bot was well known. A big shout out to the developers who made this work, and they even had a little giveaway with the new bot.

It seems to work well, and it has one very apparent improvement over the previous tip bot. Sodogetip is on-chain, whereas dogetipbot was off chain. In fact, it is reddit’s only on-chain tipping bot. The implication here is huge. While the new bot’s users will do well to remember that they should never hold more coins in this service than they are willing to lose, the fact that sodogetip is more transparent than the previous one is helpful.

It means that no one can secretly cash out everyone’s coins. The downside of this though, is that since it is on chain miner’s fees apply. Mind you, at the constant price of 1 Doge per transaction, you will never hear me complain about that fee.

A quick tutorial on setup and use

Registering for the bot is simple and easy. If a reddit user gets tipped and has not registered yet, their tip is held for three days until they are registered. The developers have created a page for quick access to the bot’s and the user’s information.

Tipping itself is very similar to the previous bot, and like many other crypto tipping bots. Once you have received a tip or loaded your sodogetip account via the deposit address, you can start tipping whoever you’d like. Calling the command “+/u/sodogetip [amount of doge] doge [optional verify]” will send that amount of doge on chain to the intended recipient, plus the one doge miner’s fee. Messages sent to the bot itself can provide transaction history, balance confirmations, and general help.

So now that you know how to use the new tipbot, why not head over to the dogecoin subreddit to say hi to everyone, maybe even tip a few shibes or hold a giveaway while you are there. They are a fun group to hang out with, you may like what you see.

If you are into looking at lines of code, you may enjoy the open source of this bot found on github. Looking at the inner workings may inspire you to learn more about code, crypto, or both.

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