Tonestra – Attempting to Revolutionize the Health Industry through Data Sharing

During the last couple of years, the healthcare industry has continued to innovate, with scientists and doctors discovering new methods of treating diseases, and effectively saving millions of lives on a yearly basis. However, despite what people may generally believe, the healthcare system is currently plagued by a lack of information sharing between hospitals, medicinal research, laboratories, genome technology, nursing science, pharmaceuticals and other areas of the health ecosystem.

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Tonestra represents an ambitious project aiming to revolutionize the way information is shared and records are kept in the healthcare industry. So far, blockchain technology has found innovative solutions for a wide variety of industries, and the team behind Tonestra believes it also holds a massive healthcare potential.

Tonestra’s solution consists in a dedicated healthcare blockchain platform, which will work as a system where healthcare NGOs, hospitals, insurance businesses, doctors, researchers, scientists, health agencies, ministries, pharmaceutical companies, patient support agencies, can all interact with the purpose of advancing health science, and the general state of the health industry. In the long run, Tonestra believes that the platform will prove itself extremely useful in carrying out better research, and using the newly-attained knowledge to develop cures for some of the world’s worst diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, autisms, Parkinson’s, birth defects and more.

By granting members of the health industry access to updated research, alongside with a better way of communicating cross-borders, the data stored on the Tonestra blockchain will prove itself as extremely useful.

Some of the main features of the platform include:

  1. Healthcare data contributors can post data, yet hold their own right on how the data is used;
  2. Contributors will receive financial incentives by providing industry users access to data;
  3. The active development of an ecosystem where all members work for the greater good.

The Tonestra Token (TNR) will serve as the payment unit for the system, and be attached to data storage and transmission. Additionally, Tonestra will have its very own AI research methodology, using machine learning techniques to find better ways of granting users access to the data they seek.

Additionally, the TNR token is listed and traded on to allow early bird investors participate in the upside.

For more information on Tonestra, feel free to check out their website.

Also, find below additional details of the project:

 Finally, there will be an airdrop for Tonestra, TNR token on 29/04/2018. All investors are required to hold minimum of 20,000 TNR token in their myetherwallet or any ERC20 token compliant wallet. ImToken wallet is recommended for mobile devices.