MyEtherWallet Remains an Independent Project Despite Code Being Forked

There is still a lot of confusion as to what will happen with MyEtherWallet moving forward. A lot of people fear this service will not continue on, even though there is no reason to worry. In fact, a new blog post explains that the service will remain in existence for quite some time to come.

MyEtherwallet Isn’t Going Anywhere

A lot of people have taken a strong liking to the MyEtherWallet service over the years. It is convenient to use, supports Ethereum as well as most ERC20 tokens, and has built-in hardware wallet authentication support for additional security. There is nothing to dislike about the project, even though there is always room for improvement. With the MyCrypto service forking the MyEtherWallet code in the near future, it is evident some people are confused as to how things will evolve.

To be sure, MyCrypto will not become the new MyEtherWallet, even though both services will operate in a rather similar manner. It is good for users to have multiple services to choose from, even though it seems safe to assume MyEtherWallet will remain the more popular option in the near term. Its team will continue to work on this project, and more features will be added over time. It is good to see this service remain available for the foreseeable future.

According to the recent blog post, MyEtherWallet will remain an independent company like it has always been. There is no affiliation with MyCrypto to speak of, as both of the original partners who created MyEtherWallet simply decided to go their separate ways. It seems this breakup is perfectly amicable, which means the service will continue to operate without any major problems for quite some time to come.

Right now, there is only one owner of MyEtherWallet instead of two. That fact will not affect the company’s day-to-day operations in any way, nor will users notice any real difference. In fact, it seems things will only improve from here on out. With a new team in place to handle customer care and further development, there is a bright future ahead for this particular project. Behind the scenes, everything will be streamlined in order to create an optimal organizational structure.

The new sole owner of MyEtherWallet, who goes by the nickname kvhnuke, will donate US$1 million worth of Ether from his personal funds to continue development of MyEtherWallet and keep it operational. It will be interesting to see if the Ethereum community decides to contribute to this project in any official capacity as well. Developers need to be paid, after all, and customer support personnel don’t work for free either.

We will also be seeing some new features and services coming to MyEtherWallet in the future. The product itself will be vastly improved upon in the future, even though no specific details were made available at the time of writing. Announcing features in advance serves no real purpose, but rest assured we will find out more information in the next few weeks. It’s good to see the project has a clear sense of direction and the necessary manpower and funding to make it happen.